Street Fighter V. KEN!

The new Street Fighter V trailer is OUT and Ken is it’s star. I mean was there any doubt that Ken would return? I don’t think so… what would Ryu be without Ken? That’s like having peanut butter and no jam, or Jessie and no Heisenberg, or white and no rice.
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.10.28 PM
Anyway, he’s gone through a bit of a makeover, but I’m not hating it. I think Tim Gunn would be proud: a ponytail, and better threads, Make it Work! Mmmmhmmm. YOU GO GIRL! ::snap snap snap::

Oh, also, the gameplay looks fan-freaking-tastic, BUT let’s be real, it’s Ken’s new hair that sells the entire thing.

Click the trailer below to check out his flowing locks in action.


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