Space Garbage man-SIGN ME UP!

eSpace is creating a satellite specifically designed to gobble up space junk that’s been orbiting our earth for the last thirty years. Thirty years is a long time and we’ve shot a lot of shit up there, Mother Earth now has over 300,000 pieces of space trash circling her everyday.

Enter eSpace. They are hoping that they can develop a satellite that will help to rectify this problem, and they are calling it Space Pac Man.

But there are a lot of issues still to work out. How SPM is going to grab specific debris (they are in talks of a net like apparatus, but the application of it is still being worked out), the cost of having one time use satellites to clean up debris (because they’ll be too damaged to launch again when they reenter our atmosphere), the fragility of the satellites (if they are on a certain trajectory to capture a specific piece of junk, and another piece of debris bumps it or damages it, IT will become junk itself), etc. etc. Many issues. Great idea, but we’ll have to see if it’s doable.

Click the Link below to check out the whole article… or just watch the video you lazy bastards.

pac man space garbage satellite

I SAY, send me up there! I’ll be the world’s FIRST Space Garbage woman. BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!


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