Child Hackers Imminent!

DFRobot is vying to create an army of child hackers to take over the future!… All with a little robot called Vortex.

In essence, Vortex is a toy that teaches kids how to program. Using either a smartphone or a tablet, that connects to the robot via blue tooth, the kids use the Vortex app to input a variety of commands that the robot will execute.

The video is not very explanatory, but it shows in the beginning, the robot clumsily knocking down green army men, and then shows all of the different commands that need to be inputed to program the robot to avoid the army men.

Soon, all of our kids are going to be like Nikko from Robocop 3

Check out Vortex’s kickstarter page HERE. They’ve got some great giveaways for early backers~~
And the not very explanatory video below.


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