San Diego Comic Con Off-Site Recap

San Diego Comic Con is AWESOME.  From secret Star Wars concerts to candle light ceremonies that remind us to Always Keep Fighting.  The mecha of nerd-dom always delivers.  Even when a heavy hitter like Marvel doesn’t show up.  And when you’re as awesome as SDCC truly is, you’re going to attract some company.

That’s where I come in.  Every year I head to San Diego from my small Michigan town, and every year I go WITHOUT a badge to SDCC.  Sometimes I acquire one through networking, sometimes there are years where I never even attempt to.  That’s because there are so many off-site events that are equally as fun as what the SDCC “mothership” has to offer.

The Walking Dead Escape, The Nerdist’s Laser Tag, Zachary Levi’s NerdHQ panels, the Assassin’s Creed Obstacle Course, dance parties, plenty of interactive gaming areas, different photo opportunities like this year’s Heroes Reborn experience, or sitting on the Iron Throne (you’ll find future posts outlining all of these amazing experiences).  And that’s on top of what one of the coolest downtowns in the country already offers in the Gaslamp District, not to mention all the new nerds in the area.

If you’re spending all of your time in the San Diego Convention Center, you’re not truly experiencing what Comic Con brings to the table, and you’re not making the most out of your nerd-cation.  And let’s be honest, if you can’t manage to land a SDCC badge there’s still so much fun to be had!  Do yourself a favor, if you pledge allegiance to nerd-dom, make sure Sunny San Diego is on your list of destinations for July.  Every.  Single.  Year.


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  1. Pictures and incriminating videos or it never happened Sean. (damnit, I don’t know how to make a devil emoji. Just know that IF I did it would be here.)

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