SDCC ’15 (Veteran) Recap part 1!

So, it’s been a week of ‘post comic con blues’ AND it’s about that time to relive the 5 days that were perhaps the BEST ‘con for this 15 year veteran!

The prep:

IMG_7151  IMG_7194  IMG_7207 IMG_7204

Make sure you bring water! I suggest a double insulated bottle to keep your liquids cool for 24 hours. I was rockin my new S’well bottle this year. Definitely helpful for those long waits in the Hall H line!

Pack light, bring a day bag, and buy snacks! Convention food isn’t always the greatest, but having your choice snacks with you could hold you over till you reach real sustenance.


Traveling by land, sea, or air? The view from the train down to San Diego is quite gorgeous.


FINALLY!!!!! Scoring a hotel at SDCC is an impossible task.. But if you’re lucky, the luxury of staying in gaslamp allows you to quickly recharge (Gadgets and Body), unload (Swag and Bowels), shower, and sleep.



Check in, drop your luggage, explore gaslamp, grab a beer/ ‘fish and chips’ at the Tin Fish (Annual Tradition), and swing by the convention center to pick up your badge.

IMG_7235 IMG_7241

Up Next: Preview Night!


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