You better call your mom again.

Bungie is (let’s say) adjusting all your favorite weapons:
Hard Light, Nechrochasm, The Last Word, Thorn, Hawkmoon, No Land Beyond, Black Hammer, Lord of Wolves, Gjallarhorn.

In light of all the new weapons AND the new subclasses that are coming with the new expansion (The Taken King), Bungie has decided to try and even the playing field a bit by tempering some of the more rare and desirable weapons currently on the Destiny market. They aren’t scrapping them entirely, just adjusting their effectiveness a bit.

Check HERE for the full list and all the nerdy specky stats for you uber GEEKS.

SO! that 116 hours you’ve spent trying to get the Gjallarhorn… WASTED. Maybe you should try to go outside sometime you BIG DESTINY LOSER! But uh, hey before you DO… are you part of a clan? Do you need one? What level are you? What class, and let me look at your gear.

HERE is the full update on the BUNGIE website.


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