Get the silver! Pennywise resurrected!

Stephen King’s IT has been rumored to be resurrected with a new adaptation, but it seems to have hit some choppy waters.

Cary Fukunaga (from True Detective) was slated to direct the new 2 part movie, but differences with the studio and problems with budget made Fukunaga and Warner Brothers go their separate ways. Furthermore, Will Poulter, who was slated to play Pennywise is now “no longer officially attached to the project”. BUT there is the possibility of his return if his schedule and ‘some other factors’ allow.

So, the movie that was supposed to start filming last month is now with a new director, Andy Muschietti (Mama) with a new vision, and Warner Brothers is out looking for a new writer to adapt the script.

We’ll see what happens folks… I’m not mad though… I’m fine… I’m fine. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH A DELAY. Take your time WB. I am HAPPY for the delay– ONE IT is ENOUGH! STOP TERRORIZING MY DREAMS! I just want the screaming and night sweats, and night terrors to stop! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!! For the love of GOD NOOOOOO!


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