Coding the cure for human trafficking

Redlight Traffic (a group that combats human trafficking) and Coding Dojo have teamed up to bring opportunities to female victims of human trafficking. Together they’ve created scholarships that will pay for 90% of a 12 week coding course at Coding Dojo. They’re calling them impact scholarships.


Many times victims of human trafficking get saved from the life, but have no recourse to provide for themselves once their free. Many of the girls were forced into the life at a very young age, so their skill set is slim to none. Because of this, many of them either end up going back to that life in order to eat, or find themselves homeless and destitute. These impact scholarships are helping to fulfill the need that has been present for that next step- what to do once victims are free.

Redlight Traffic President, Amin Haq, says it best, “Coding Dojo is really creating a new beginning for victims. They’ve stepped up to a space that has not really been opened up.”

Click HERE for the full article, including some of the other scholarships and how to apply.

Way to go Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang. I have to say… I mean, you’re already a pretty good looking guy, but hearing about your concern for social issues has made you one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. I’m just saying… geek, plus social justice… whew~~ ::fans self:: Richard pleeeaase, turn the smolder down a bit, ya?



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