Pluto’s heart draws us back to space

As if we could stay away! I mean, we were acting coy, because we thought you didn’t like us as much as we liked you… you were all distant and cold… We’re sorry we left~


Looks like the new discoveries on Pluto and its moons has reignited the public’s interest in space. I’m sure that NASA’s social media game helped with this, but the discoveries are pretty epic, and the pictures are gorgeous.

SOME of the discoveries include:
-A 600 mile long canyon, that’s 4-6 miles deep, was discovered on Charon. Which dwarfs our own Grand Canyon by comparison (lil GC is a little over a mile deep-6000 feet).
-The mountains on Pluto have contradicted what scientists believed were how geologic formations came to be on icy planets.
-One of Pluto’s moons, Charon is more than half the diameter of Pluto, which is strange because satellites are normally much smaller than planets. AND Pluto and Charon orbit around a point outside of Pluto, called a barycenter, thereby making Pluto and Charon a double planet. And they are the only double planet in our solar system. (WHAT THE?! That’s a thing?! They never taught us that in school! I mean did you hear that? that was my mind being blown!)

NASA has another expedition for the New Horizons program. They’re calling it Juno, and the hope is to send OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer), another probe, to Jupiter, to study asteroids and bring back samples. BUT because Congress has not been very concerned with space exploration as of late, the likelihood of this mission getting off the ground w/o presidential backing is very slim.

I will donate $10.00 just bring me back an asteroid pebble! NASA should kickstarter this shiznit.

Get your Pluto news from the experts HERE.


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