FIRST self-aware Robot

Holy shitballs! It’s all going down in New York at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. So stock up on food stuffs and ammo because the world is about to go apocalyptic.

Robot science-y people at RPI created 3 robots and put them through a version of the ‘wise men puzzle’.

I stole this description of the wise men puzzle from wiki:
The King called the three wisest men in the country to his court to decide who would become his new advisor. He placed a hat on each of their heads, such that each wise man could see all of the other hats, but none of them could see their own. Each hat was either white or blue. The king gave his word to the wise men that at least one of them was wearing a blue hat – in other words, there could be one, two, or three blue hats, but not zero. The king also announced that the contest would be fair to all three men. The wise men were also forbidden to speak to each other. The king declared that whichever man stood up first and announced (correctly) the color of his own hat would become his new advisor. The wise men sat for a very long time before one stood up and correctly announced the answer.

But instead of hats Selmer Bringsjord told the robots that two were given a ‘dumbing pill’ that prevented them from speaking, then asked all 3 robots to tell him which pill they received. The robots sat in silence for a moment, then one of them answered “I don’t know” then waved his hand and said, “Sorry, I know now.”

Check the vid below

All 3 robots were coded the same, so they were all potentially able to pass the test.

The creators of these very cute machines of doom, said that passing this one test isn’t going to make the robots completely self-aware, but it was the first step into bringing them into consciousness. By putting them through numerous tests like this one, they will build up a repertoire of abilities for the robots-which could be very useful to humans in the future OR destroy us. Y’know, whatever… either or… it’s all good. STOP SKYNET!



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One response to “FIRST self-aware Robot

    That article, among others, says that two of the Nao robots really were silenced (with a button, not a pill), but still the third had to be self-aware enough to know that the robot that spoke was itself. There’s still not enough information in these summary articles to know what was really going on. Did disabling speech also disable other means of indicating the robot knew the answer? The robot that answered correctly also stood up to speak, and waved its hand when it knew the answer. Were the others capable of doing those actions?

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