Cheaters beware~

A group of hackers calling themselves “The Impact Team” hacked into Avid Life Media servers on Sunday and stole around 37 million people’s information. What website does Avid Life Media host? Oh, I’ll tell you. Avid Life Media is the parent company of the website ‘Ashley Madison’ marketed towards bringing together people who want to cheat on their significant others discretely.


The Impact Team also hacked into Cougar Life (connecting ‘young studs’ and older women) and Established Gentlemen (connecting hot young girls with older men-i.e. quasi pedos)

T.I.T. (HA! I just got that) stole the information and posted a lot of it on the internet, claiming that the reason for this breach was because Avid Life Media failed to delete people’s information after they paid their initial fees (even though Avid LIfe claimed they did not keep individual’s information). They also stole information about Avid Life’s employee salaries and bank account information.

For the full article Click HERE. Because I’m going to be honest, after the first couple of paragraphs I was so full of ‘haha’s I couldn’t keep reading. “Yer gonna LEARN TO-DAY!”


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