Female MacGyver

Apparently, there’s a competition called, “The Next MacGyver” that is looking for a female version of the iconic 80’s hero to help promote engineering for women. AND APPARENTLY the competition is to write a TV series with a woman engineer as the protagonist-the 5 finalists get to go to Hollywood to pitch their screenplays AND get $5,000 AND get paired with TV and engineering mentors to develop their show.


THIS WAS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!!! I have like 9 ideas that I could have written about… you know… sexy badass engineer that fights crime, OR unsexy engineer that fights crime and then has a cinderella makeover and becomes sexy and badass, OR badass engineer from the future that travels to the past and fights crime and become sexy over time, or…. STOP WRTING MY IDEAS DOWN! “Nobody likes or cares about your ideas Mina.” You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.

Click HERE for all the deets on the latest finalist… you know all the stuff I didn’t talk about b/c I’m too jealous to even say her name.



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2 responses to “Female MacGyver

  1. This is awesome. Wish I’d heard about it a year ago.

  2. me too buddy. me too.

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