Hacking a sniper rifle


Remember a couple weeks ago when hackers hacked into a Jeep Cherokee? Well, the hacking continues, two degenerates hacked a TrackingPoint smart rifle… and by degenerates I mean security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger.

Click the jump for more-INCLUDING a lovely little video that scares the bejeezus out of me.

TrackingPoint is a computerized smart rifle that is able to tag targets and then delay firing (after you’ve pulled the trigger) until the barrel is perfectly lined up for the shot. You can connect to the rifle via wifi and watch what the scope sees. THIS is where the problem lies…

Sandvik and Auger, spent a year developing ways to hack into the rifle. They found that it was necessary to be close enough to connect to its wifi in order to make any changes to the programming within the rifle itself. Once in, they were able to change the weight of the bullet, tamper with the rifle’s calculations, and even cause the rifle to be so off in its calculations that it hit the target next to the one tagged. DON’T STAND NEXT TO ME CARL!

Check the video for more


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