The time has come for me to buy my own firefly class spaceship, assemble a rag tag group of people to become my space family, and go on great adventures to see the outer reaches of the universe AND to become the GREATEST SPACE PIRATE OF ALL TIME. And now that I can grow my own produce in space, food will never be a problem again.

Click the jump for a video of the space guys eating space lettuce

The crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) sampled red romaine lettuce that had been grown in orbit on Monday. Scott Kelly, Kjell Lindgren and (from the Japanese space agency) Kimiya Yui are the first human beings to ever eat space lettuce.

NASA has named the experiment Veg-01, and it’s a piece of equipment that uses red, blue, and green LEDs to grow plants aboard the ISS. Although this wasn’t the first plant to ever be grown in space, it is the first to be grown and sampled. The hope is that this technology will allow for more sustainable food sources to help supplement astronauts’ rations, which will allow for long distance missions. (MARS HERE WE COME!)

Here’s a video of the astronauts eating the intergalactic lettuce

Check the FULL article HERE


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