Robot makes robot babies-NOOOO!!!

Did we learn NOTHING from the Matrix?

Cambridge’s Department of Engineering has built a ‘mother robot’ that has the ability to create, test, and improve her ‘baby robots’.

Click the jump for more on the experiment, including a video of the robot in action.

By using blocks as “genomes” the mother bot created a baby bot and tested to see how far it could travel within a given amount of time. The fast bots were left alone, while the slower bots were tweaked then tested again. While the speeds of the bots were all different in the last generation, scientists found that, on average, the fastest bots in the last generation were more than twice as fast as in the first generation. They also found that the mother bot was able to create new shapes and gaits that the human designers would have never thought to create.

This is the beginning folks, get ready to be batteries for the matrix overlords, DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM SCI FI MOVIES?!!!

Click HERE for the full experiment in all the sciencey geek talk published in the open access journal PLOS ONE.


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