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On a brisk summer day of 09, it’s started over a plate of steaming BBQ at Dickey’s (and a plate of pineapple fried rice smuggled in from Thai Spice). A few friends gathered and imagined a website where dreams would became reality. A website where the oppressed and captive thoughts could be freed. A virtual sanctuary for pop culture experts (nerds) to come share life changing revelations about….movies! Okay let’s eat, but there were still so many details to discuss…
Tony, Johnny, Jeff, Scott, and Rhino: 5 men, one destiny.krispy-kreme-hot-fresh-donutsjpg That night, over a box of Krispy delights, we babbled on what would soon become the ‘BabbleOn 5’ Movie Review site. The name is reference to an old sci-fi show and also because we all talk too much. Partially driven by a vision and partially a sugar rush, the BabbleOn 5 site was birthed. Our vision is to create a site that can be a movie and pop culture resource to our family, friends, enemies, aliens, and other carbon based life forms. We have been dreaming of this for a while and we felt the time was now- especially since robots and machines will soon rule the world and will have little need for a  movie review site. But don’t worry, we’ll always have time travel to fix things if it ever gets too sucky around here.

Over the years, different team members have moved on to other adventures. However, once a Babbler, always a Babbler. Recently, we were honored to add our newest member to the team- Aileen. But beware, she as lovely as she is dangerous. If you share our love for movies then you will love BabbleOn 5. Visit regularly and comment often. Babble on!

The BabbleOn 5 Team:

Tony B Kim (Director/Staff Writer)
Tony was born of two different worlds- his father was Vulcan and mother was human. Not fully accepted by either culture, Tony join the BabbleOn 5 family. The fusion of these cultures makes him brutally savage, yet remarkably refined. You can also find him at: Crazy4ComicCon.com
Twitter: @Crazy4ComicCon
Jeff Jordan

Jeff Jordan (Dictator-in-Traning/Staff Writer)
Jeff was the first human baby to be teleported out of the womb rather than have a live birth. Due to this fact there is much speculation on if he should even be considered human or not. Read more from him at: www.nerdysomething.net Twitter @nerdy_something
Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.19.32 AM

Johnny Leou (Actor/Media Specialist)
To this day, there is no concrete evidence supporting the existence of this individual. Even this photograph, believed to be taken by the paparazzi, has been digitally altered. Witnesses who claim to have seen him say he often appears as an extra on major television shows. Twitter: @Nerdoutburst or @Aznactor
  Aileen Cacayorin (General of Awesome/Staff Writer)
As the first female Babbler, Aileen is the last real ninja. THE. LAST. ONE. Her life goal is to steal the TARDIS and move to Pawnee, Indiana, and become Ron Swanson’s next-door neighbor.Twitter adventures: @A1L33N

14 responses to “About us

  1. savvyliving

    You boys have way too much time on your hands to be babbling on and on and on and on about babbling. you need to get yourself some more kids or some wives. 😛

    Babble On Boyz! -teresa

  2. I know it is just a dream, but I dream of one day living in California and either making this group the Babble-on 6 or taking a spot by fighting one of you to the death with a trident.

    • Tony

      John, Rhino is our Babbleon 5 juggernaut to defeat. If you can defeat him, you are in as part of the 5!

      • If I must fight the Rhino, I will master the art of the sling and spend some time by the Mississippi looking for smooth stones.

        Be looking for me in the sunrise. One day, you will see me coming from the Horizon, prepared for my destiny.

  3. Michael Jordan

    This could be the greatest site ever! This could also be the worst site ever. Time will tell, and I’ll enjoy listening to the telling. Long live T, J, J, S and R!

  4. Michael Jordan

    Where can I get my own Babble-On 5 T-shirt? Nerd merch please.


    • Tony

      The limited edition BabbleOn T-shirts are very rare and in high demand! It may cost you a small fortune but it will be worth it since you will be the envy of all your friends. The women will want you and the nerds will want to be you.
      We’ll let you know- hope fully soon enough!

  5. Hi Did you know that your header is not showing up when checking in Firefox, it appears to be good in explorer though.Greets

  6. Pingback: Articulos

    • Tony

      Sorry for the lack of RSS feed, we have had trouble with it. Until it’s up, try suscribing (lower right bar). Its the next best thing. Thanks and Babble on!

  7. Good Blog, I think I will definitely subscribe

  8. Catherine Meyers

    Hello Guys,

    I ‘ll introduce myself first, my name is Catherine Meyers; I work as the admin of a web and blog directory. While reading your blog, I have to say, I find it very interesting, great articles with a nice touch of humor, really enjoyed reading them (and I look forward to the new Thundercats!), Good job! That is why, I would love to have your blog in my directory, that way my visitors will also visit BabbleOn 5.
    If you are interested in this link exchange, please let me know.

    Good luck with your blog!

    Catherine Meyers

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