Comic-Con 2012 Prep
San Diego Comic-Con 2012 is just days away! The team of veteran Babblers have pooled their collective wisdom to share with you the best tips and tricks to prepare for the Con. Targeted towards noobs to the Con, this podcast is a must listen before you arrive in San Diego.

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Marvel Movie Retrospective Podcast- Ironman, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America

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After years of anticipation, Marvel’s The Avengers will soon arrived to our local theaters. In preparation of Earth’s mightiest heroes, we decided to do a retrospective of the five Marvel movies leading up to this point- Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman 2, Thor, and Captain America. In this 2 hour podcast, we review our highs and lows of each film and their unique contribution to the Avengers franchise. Check back for our full review of the Avengers opening May 4th. (Apologize for the random vibrations- stupid ceiling fan :()

2010 Year in Review in 3-D! (35 mins)

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Our 2010 Year in Review podcast (in 3-D!) is now up. Come join us for a discussion about the highs, lows, favorites, and failings of this past year. We also add favorite movie contributions from our Twitter followers. The cast concludes with what nerdy films we are looking forward to in 2011. To listen to the cast, follow this link. (sorry, there are some minor audio issues at the beginning :()

TRON: Legacy (24 mins)

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As one of the highest anticipated films of the past few years, the Babblers have some critical thoughts on TRON Legacy. As uber fans of the original, we discuss the problems, pains, praises and the legacy of this sequel to the 1982 TRON. You can also read our review of TRON Legacy here.

San Diego Comic Con 10
Part I: Preview Night & Day 1
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Part II: Day 2 & Day 3 (45 mins)[iPhone click to open or right click & save]:

The Babblers are back for the biggest event of the year, the San Diego Comic Con 2010! This year was the biggest ever bringing out Hollywood’s A-list newcomers like Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Will Ferrill, Tina Fey and much more. Since we did the full 4 1/2 day experience, we broke this podcast into two parts. Hope to see you there next year!


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Mike Millar’s highly anticipated Kick Ass finally makes it to the big screen. As uber comic book geeks, we discuss not only what we thought of the film adaptation but how it compared to the graphic novel. This spoiled filled review is a must for any comic book or superhero genre fan.

Welcome to Pandora Podcast

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Surpassing Cameron’s own Titanic, Avatar has now become the highest grossing film of all time. The Babblers had high expectations for this long anticipated epic film by the legendary James Cameron. But did it meet expectations? Check out this podcast as we discuss not only our thoughts on the record-breaking Avatar but how it compares to Cameron’s body of work.

New Moon & The Twilight phenomenon

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Twilight-mania has hit the world larger than a ‘2012’ tidalwave. It seems like ‘Twi-hards’ have taken over the planet like their own personal Zombieland. In this podcast, we will not only review the latest installment, The Twilight Sage: New Moon, but also discuss the overall Twilight phenomenon. Joining us are guest Babblers and hardcore fans Cathy and Teresa.
You can read our Twilight reviews here.

zombieland 03

The “Hi-5” Podcast

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In leu of any big recent blockbusters, the BabbleOn crew decided to cover our top 5 movies of this past month. Reviewed in this ‘hi-5’ podcast are Zombieland, Trick R Treat, Invention of Lying, Couples Retreat, and Where the Wild Things Are.


Inglourious Basterds

Download the Inglourious Basterds podcast (right click and save)
Lightening strikes again- Taurentino style with Inglourious Basterds. This late summer release has turned out to be one of the best movies of the year. You can also read our reviews here.


District 9

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After a summer of lackluster performances this little film produced by Peter Jackson was a pleasant surprise! Listen to this 30 minute podcast about what the Babblers thought especially in light of the past big blockbuster movies. Read more of our reviews on District 9.


The Hasbro Special Edition: Transformer 2 & GI Joe
Download the Hasbro Special Edition (right click and save as)
Hollywood is messing with our childhood again. This was a big summer for BabbleOn 5, the release of two of our two favorite toy lines from Hasbro. In this 30 minute podcast, we critique two of the highly anticipated films of 2009. Were they  predictable results or were  they more than meets the eyes? Read more our reviews on GI Joe and Transformers 2.


San Diego Comic Con 09

Download the Comic Con Podcast (right click & save as)
Enjoy this 1 hour podcast from our annual trek to the San Diego Comic Con! Comic Con is the world’s largest comic book, sci-fi, and pop culture gathering of the year. It’s the place to be for all nerds, geeks, movie enthusiasts, aliens, and cyborgs. Hear what we Babblers saw, what we loved, what we hated, and why we go every year! Click here to see photos from Comic Con


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