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Comikaze Expo Nov 5-6

The Babblers are really looking forward to attending the First Annual Comikaze Expo this weekend. LA has not had a consistent comics/pop culture show in some time so we hope this becomes a tradition. Comikaze is being put on by some great organizers that really have a heart for the geek fandom community. This is from their website about what Comikaze is all about:

“Comikaze Expo is an integral part of the city of Los Angeles, something both residents and visitors can enjoy for years to come. Drawing inspiration from the city and the fans, Comikaze is an eclectic mix of LA and geek culture. Comikaze strives to create something unique for the city of Los Angeles. Between the Convention and Pre-events there will defiantly be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Celebs like Stan Lee and Mark Hamill will be making appearances. The best part is that tickets are only $12 and kids under 12 are free. We’ll be covering the event so we hope to see you there! Go to the Comikaze Expo homepage for a complete listing of exhibitors and programming.


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APE Expo Oct 1-2

I am very excited to be attending my very first Alternative Press Expo, aka: APE, next week in San Francisco. APE is the third show that Comic-Con International hosts annually (WonderCon and SDCC). Since APE is lower profile than it’s two big sister shows, here is a little history to bring you up to speed.

Dan Vado (SLG Publishing) started this event 17 years ago for the purpose of supporting independent creators and small press publishers. He wanted to to celebrate and promote the smaller artists that would easily be overlooked in the enormous world of mainstream comics. Since that time, it has become a hub for artists, writers, and publishers to not only connect with each other but also to engage fans. While APE has an impressing list of about 400 exhibitors, it’s 5-6k attendees makes this an intimate and less intimidating experience. Besides exhibitors, there will be programming running throughout the weekend covering a range of independent comic book topics as well as spotlights creators. A wide range of workshops will be available to help young creators craft their artistic or storytelling skills. There is also a couple of Comic Creator Connection sessions which allow for writers and artists to meet and collaborate.

2011 marks the 18th year for APE and I am really looking forward to experiencing it. As a bonus, a 2011 paid attendee San Diego Comic-Con badge gets you free admission to APE! So if you live in the area, why wouldn’t you go?!?! Check out all the schedule, pricing, programming on the APE website and I will see you in San Fran in a week!

You can also follow on Twitter: @APExpo.

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Comikaze Expo Nov 5-6

A new comic book and pop culture convention is invading the LA area later this year- and it is about time! LA has gone without a major comics/sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention for far too long. This November, the wait will be over- welcome the COMIKAZE EXPO! Comikaze’s vision is to celebrate pop culture in a new way and reshape the comic convention experience. I was grateful to have a chance to interview Co-Founder/Director Regina Carpinelli at her art gallery in downtown LA.

Regina, what was the vision behind the creation of Comikaze Expo?
Growing up with brothers, I’ve always been a huge sci-fi, horror, and comic book nerd (she’s wearing a Black Lantern button). One of my favorite memories was going to my first Comic-Con at age 12 in San Diego. I LOVED it and we returned annually for many years. Now as an adult, I realized that the expense of going to a local comic book convention can be really difficult- especially in this economy. So we decided to create something more accessible. My brothers and I started with smaller comic book swap meets called ‘Collector Cons’. After a few successful events, we decided to take a step of faith into the convention world with Comikaze. Everyone is a little geeky inside. There will be something for everyone to connect with. You will love it. I also love LA and I want to invest in strengthening this community.

What will set it apart from other comic-cons?
Price was important to us. Our tickets are only $12 and kids under 12 are free. It’s the same price as a movie but with many more celebs! I want people (especially kids) to have as much money as possible in their pockets to buy collectibles and art. We are focusing on creating the best fan experience possible. Besides being extremely affordable, everyone will get a voucher for a free lithograph created by a professional artist. Being close to LA, there will be some great media panels about the industry with some unique guests. Art is very important to me. I want our attendees not only to be inspired but to connect with each other over pop culture art. The artists will be the focus on the showroom floor instead of being pushed to the back. I want them to have the maximum exposure at Comikaze. My desire is to over throw the status-quo of the convention experience. I think this will be something special.

What were the challenges of starting it in LA?
It’s hard because you are the new kid on the block so some are skeptical. However, because of our commitment and passion, we have been able to open many doors. After losing the SDCC bid, the LA Convention Center has been very eager and accommodating to our needs. We recently expanded the show to a 165,000 square foot room because of all the new vendors. We now have tons of companies that want to launch their video game, screen their movie, or release their new book at Comikaze- and we are elated!

What guests are you excited about having at Comikaze?
I am really excited about all our guest! However, being a a huge horror fan, I am super excited for Elvira to be joining us. Her people made it clear that she normally doesn’t do ‘first year’ conventions but she made an exception for Comikaze because she knows this will be big. Stan Lee was very awesome to work with. We shot a hilarious commercial with him (to be released soon) and he was amazing to work with. Top Cow and Top Shelf are going to be their. It will be the first appearance of creators of What is very unique is that we have a whole community of tattoo artist (Project MDR) joining us. They are some of the most talented artists in LA- offering to do tattoos at Comikaze! Get a Comikaze Expo logo tattoo, we’ll pay for it AND you get a lifetime membership to the Expo!

Explain the Comikaze Expo name and logo with the octopus?
I wanted to pay respects to the San Diego show and NOT use the word ‘Comic-Con’. I know it’s a generic term but I still wanted to do something different. We thought the ‘LA invasion’ theme would resonate with fellow geeks. Personally, I love Octopus. I’ve had one as a pet before and wanted to use it in a future brand somehow. The related monster mythos really seems to fit the comic book convention world. We just wanted to be different and fresh.

What is your metric for success? How will you judge to do it again?
We plan on making Comikaze Expo an annual fall event. Our biggest desire is to help vendors and fans connect with each other in the pop culture community. So as long as we can do that, we will continue to put on the show. We are doing very well with our ticket sales so far so it will already be a big show. Ultimately, I want the fans to be happy. If they loved Comikaze, we will be back!

Thanks Regina for your interview. How can we learn more about the Comikaze Expo coming up November 5-6?
Check out our website at and follow us at Twitter at @ComikazeExpo

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Scientist Report Massive Island of Swag Forming in Pacific

Come visit the luxurious Swag Island

Somewhere, Pacific Ocean, (AP) – Scientist have discovered a new island forming in the Pacific Ocean. The island, located roughly halfway between Midway and Guam, appears to have formed quickly within the last week.  Upon closer examination the new land mass appears to be made entirely of man made materials, such as paper, foam, cardboard. plastic bottles and bits of cloth. The debris has been identified as swag, a filthy material often used to lure nerds out of their basements to conventions, and Oceanographers have traced the current that carried it back to the San Diego area of Southern California.

The new island has left the scientific community in shock. “Traditionally, new land formations are only viable through volcanic activity over long periods of time,” says Dr. Alan Dupree of the Wake Island Pacific Rim Research Center. “The idea that a new island can form out of the unwanted left overs of nerd culture is, quite frankly, both amazing and frightening.”

When asked to comment on it Aquaman, ruler of Atlantis and official spokesman of the seven seas, was quoted as saying, “this is irresponsible and typical of surface dwellers. However, I did find a pretty sweet Shark Week bag in the mix.”

Tentative names for the island have included Swagville and Swag Francisco. The island is growing rapidly and is expected to reach the size of the now infamous BP Gulf Coast oil spill before long. Surprisingly it has quickly developed its own ecosystem, as birds, seals, turtles and fleas have begun inhabiting the island. Those downwind of the island have reported a sickening smell of stale sweat and body odor emanating from the land mass and at least one helicopter reportedly spotted what appeared to be a few zombie like humanoids shuffling across the surface.

Despite this startling discovery, tensions are high as many Super Villains, including Magneto, C.O.B.R.A and Lex Luther have rushed to make their rightful claim to this new realm and establish their headquarters there.Alternately the new island is being considered as the future site of Comic Con.


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Great Minds Think Alike at SDCC 2011’s Women of Marvel Panel

By Aileen Cacayorin, Staff Writer

When Tina Fey, writer, producer and star of NBC’s 30 ROCK (but still probably best known for spot on impression of Sarah Palin) became the third woman to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor she said in her acceptance speech:

“I’m  so honored . . . but I do hope that women these days are achieving at a rate where we can stop counting what number they are at things . . . “

When Amy Poehler, SNL-veteran and star of Parks and Recreation, was asked a question about the rising number of women in comedy she responded with:

“This question is boring.”

And when the panelists at SDCC 2011 were asked how they felt about being asked to be part of the Women of Marvel panel, they all had opinions along the same line of thought:

They hoped one day there would no longer be a need for a Women of Marvel/Comics panel and that the focus should instead be on people in comics.

That was the take-home message of the estroge-, er . . .Oxygen sponsored Women of Marvel panel on Sunday. Like other leading ladies, rather than receive recognition for being successful women in a traditionally male-dominated industry, they preferred that women simply be recognized for their success. “There are a lot of women in comics and working at Marvel,” said panelist and social media coordinator Janna O’Shea, and the panelists concurred their wasn’t a need to single them out.

So why aren’t there more female-lead driven titles in both comics and movies? Again, the panelists preferred that the focus shouldn’t be about more female characters and stories, but stronger characters and stories in general.  Female characters should not be written for the wrong reasons, in the end it comes down to good story telling. “ Just so long as the story’s good, that’s what is ultimately important” , said colorist Christina Strain.

Regarding the future of women in comics, X-23 writer, Marjorie Lui commented that she “would like to see it taken for granted that women are into comics.” Overall, it shouldn’t simply be about encouraging more women to pursue careers in comics, but to encouraging more people in general to become part of the industry.

On a more personal note, I was excited to attend this panel.  I had spoken briefly with social media coordinator, Janna O’Shea, at the Marvel booth (she’s so nice!) and wanted to hear what she and web designer, Judy Stephens, had to say about working for Marvel, especially since they both worked outside of the actual comic book creation process.

“A lot of people working at Marvel don’t necessarily start out being into comics. There are lots of people working in HR, web design, legal, etc,” said Judy.

“Just do good work, and get yourself and and your work out there,” advised Janna.

There was a pretty good turnout for the panel, though the audience was mostly (and unsurprisingly) women. Overall, the panel was informative and I agree with its underlying sentiment: hopefully sooner, than later, we won’t need to have a Women of Marvel/in Comics panel, and we can focus more on people in comics.

@dreamyeyed and @OMG_DJ_Judy

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Industry Celebs at San Diego Comic Con!

@Fabiomoon (left) and @Gabriel_Ba (right) Eisner winners this year for my favorite comic ‘DayTripper’.

@RobertKirkman creator of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Super Dinosaur’, and others.

Todd Mcfarlane creator of ‘Spawn’.

David Peterson creator of ‘MouseGuard’.

Steven Weintraub aka @colliderfrosty. Check out his stuff:

@therealstanlee and @morganspurlock.

G4 FreshInk’s @theblairbutler Check out her reviews of the latest comics:

the famous @jimlee00.

@BobStencil. Check his stuff out here:

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Comic Con Quickies…Random Thoughts and jokes

There is so much to do at SDCC and I have so many thoughts about it that I decided it was easier to just write some quick hits. So for your pleasure, here they are!

– I was really disappointed to find that the Castle panel had nothing to do with actual castles…apparently it is a TV show.

-Whenever people go up to panels to ask questions they say things like, “Hey Nathan Fillion, I loved you in Firefly etc..” Everybody loves the stars in their best work, but what about their not so great work? I am going to start complementing shows they did that weren’t good. I was inspired to do this during the Ringer panel with Sarah Michelle Geller, everybody kept saying they loved her in Buffy. I wanted to tell her…”Hey Sarah, I loved you in Scooby Doo, your best work to date.”

-My other option is to say I loved them in a movie/show they weren’t in. “Hey Sarah Michelle Geller, I loved you in Scream.”

Shark Week definitely DOES not refer to the guys trying to meet girls at Comic Con.

– Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)  was seriously buzzed at SDCC..then again, so was I.

– Summer Glau, whom you know we love (dare we mock her again) was in the Knights of Badassdom panel, I wanted to ask her, “Summer, how did you role in The Cape prepare you for this role?” Yes, make a joke of their failures.

-Knights of Badassdom is about LARPers- Live Action Role Players – I am not one to judge, considering my nerdy interest, but you can’t get much deeper in the nerd pool then LARP. Many actual LARP’ers were used as extra’s in the film. I wanted to ask the panel, “What was the LARPers response upon encountering women for the first time?”

-BTW – Knights of Badassdom – Worst panel ever. I had high hopes for it, the cast is great, but the director wouldn’t shut up and let them talk and it was obvious he was over selling the movie, and heavy metal music.

Game of Thrones is also what happens after a couple of days of convention food. Alternately, it gives new meaning to the Gaslamp quarter….okay how about CONstipation…I will stop here.

– I hate the same old, boring, stupid questions….”What was it like to work with this person?” What do you expect them to say, “Oh, it was horrible, I am never working with that no talent hack again?”  I also hate the question, “How did this past role prepare you for this role?”  Truth is, from what I have heard, most roles don’t prepare you for a future role, you just get in there, embrace your role and act. (Of course there are some exceptions.)

-If you thought the Exhibit Hall had some stank to it you needed to go wait in line pick up your badge at the Town and Country…smelt like a Jawa crawled up and died somewhere.

-Gaslamp Quarter – I really enjoyed the Gaslamp this year. In the past couple of years they have really started to push events outside of the convention itself. Lots going on, NERDHQ, Coco Moca Art Gallery, Southpark set up etc. and TONS of after parties, was almost more fun the convention itself.  I met a couple of people who didn’t have SDCC passes but just went to enjoy the scene outside of it.

– If you see Cowboys and Aliens at midnight is it Midnight Cowboys and Aliens?  Look it up you none cinephiles.

– I found it highly ironic I had trouble finding the Lost panel.

-If I get another 5:00 A.M. tweet from Team Coco I am switching to Jimmy Kimmel

Well that about wraps up all my bad jokes for now. I’m sure I will think of more though!


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Captain America Screening at Comic Con ’11



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I’ve Got Swag and You Know You Want It.

This is the first article by guest writer Aileen Cacayorin:

Stuff We All Get. San Diego Comic Con is known just as much for its plethora of giveaway’s as it is for being the mecca of all things pop culture. There’s a reason all attendees of the Con get a “swag bag”, and yes, the ridiculously large size of the bag is completely necessary. Even if you’re not a fan of comics or don’t enjoy going to panels, you can make your money’s worth just by spending the entire event collecting “swag”. You’ll see a lot of  cool giveaways and wonder how to get them. Sometimes it’s directly from the exhibitors or their employees, but the majority of the time, it’s from a brand ambassador, and that’s where I come in.

(I can literally fit inside one of this year’s swag bags.)

What’s a brand ambassador? Simply put, we help spread brand awareness, and our actual tasks vary depending on the event and brand. At Comic Con, you probably recognize us as the people you’re trying to “sweet talk” into giving you some free stuff. This year, I was one of them.

I can’t talk about the specific exhibit I was staffing, but you probably went to it. Comic Con is one of the biggest and funnest events you can work as a brand ambassador, but it’s also one of the most stressful. We’re not attendees, we’re there to work and most of us don’t get the fun of attending panels, exploring the exhibit floor for hours, or trolling for swag. We spend most of the day on our feet (and for some, outside underneath the sun, I’ve got the sunburns to prove it) and we deal with crowds of people harassing us for free stuff.

Believe it or not, our job isn’t to just hand out freebies. Yes, part of the job entails giving you promotional items, but overall, our job is to represent the brand and spread awareness positively and professionally. The things we’re handing out are part of a much larger promotional campaign designed to increase brand knowledge,  which is why so many items are given away conditionally. Trust me, we want to give you free stuff, but we also have to do our job.

On that note, here’s a round up of some of this year’s SDCC swag:

Most In-Demand Swag: Pan Am Bags

As part of the promotion for ABC’s new fall show, Pan Am, Con attendees could board Pan Am “flight” at the ABC booth, watch a preview of the show, and receive one of the highly sought after trademark Pan Am bags. These bags varied in style from simple messenger bags, to slightly nicer and sportier messenger bags, and even the classic leather weekend bag. Each one had the famed Pan Am logo, making them the hottest swag items at the convention. Tickets for these flights would be gone pretty much as soon as the exhibit floor opened. The only other way to get one was to be at the right place, right time outside the convention and those went fast.

Yea, I wanted one too.

Rarest Swag: The Flaming C shirts and Oven Mitt

One of the main attractions outside of the convention center itself was Team Coco’s The Flaming C art exhibit. Flaming C T-shirts, oven mitts, and capes were given to everyone who went, but they must have run out quickly because I hardly saw any during the Con.

This is a sweet shirt, why didn’t I see more around?

I Need to Start Working Out Swag: Jon Favreau and the Golden Bricks

I went through 6 of these and still didn’t win tickets!!

To win tickets to the world premier of Cowboys and Aliens, you had to follow @CowboysandAliens on Twitter or sign up for text updates. Throughout the day, the Cowboys and Aliens team would be handing out Golden Bricks at random locations around San Diego. Notifications would read something like:

“Another Gold Rush! Head to Fourth and J now for the chance to get a gold brick and win tix to the Cowboys and Aliens Premiere!”

Whenever there was an update, you literally had to be there within 5 minutes if you wanted a brick, and that usually involved a lot of running. Not every brick had a winning ticket, but the bricks contained some sweet consolation swag in the form of exclusive Comic Con Cowboys and Aliens shirts, or a blaster.  If you didn’t win, hopefully the freebies were worth the asthma inducing sprint.

I sprinted 8 blocks to get this?!  WORTH IT.

Smart Phone Swag: South Park T-shirts

For South Park fans, the Comedy Central South Park Interactive Park was a must see, even though it was outside the Comic Con venue itself. If you had a smart phone and were willing to wait in line for 15-30 mins (pretty easy compared to Hall H, I’m looking at you, Twilight fans), then getting an awesome South Park shirt was pretty easy. All you had to do was use your FourSquare app to check into the Interactive Park, show them your check in badge, and you got yourself a free shirt.

However, if you didn’t have a smart phone, you were sh$t out of luck.

Easiest Swag: Real Steel/Shark Week swag bags

These were pretty much just being handed out. All you had to do was stop by Petco Park or the Real Steel truck on Island and first to get one. Also, if you busted a sweet dance move for the DJ outside the Real Steel truck, you got one of these:

Let’s hope the movie is good.

Most Useful Swag: Psych/IGN Sunglasses

Psych sunglasses were being handed out pretty generously, but to get IGN sunglasses you had to play a game of corn hole with the IGN station emcee. If you aren’t good at the game, you probably had to be a good sport about it, as the emcee would call you out on your level of suck. Whether the sunglasses were worth it depends on how easily embarrassed you are. However, these sunglasses came in handy if you were waiting outside for Hall H all day.

Second Location Swag: Nintendo Pokedex 3D shirt

Nintendo had it’s own booth at the Con of course, but if you wanted some gear you had to go to it’s gaming lounge, located next door at the Marriott. If you had time to kill, it was worth the trip as the lounge featured over 80 gaming stations where you could preview a bunch of 3DS and Wii games, including the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!!!

Best Panel Swag: Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones panel was one of the hardest panels to get into. Those who waited for hours outside Ballroom 20 to get in were rewarded very well, not just with a great panel, but with some pretty awesome gear. I didn’t get to go but apparently after the panel, you could go to the fulfillment room (they seriously need to rethink that name, if you know what I mean) and get a Game of Thrones bag, complete with T-shirt, book, and mouse pad.

Worst Panel Swag: The Cleveland Show

This doesn’t mean the panel itself was bad. It was actually kind of fun and we got to preview The Cleveland Show’s upcoming Christmas special: Die Semi-Hard. However, if you went to the fulfillment room you probably left pretty . . .err . .. unfulfilled. All you got was a tiny Cleveland Show pin, which is kind of a tease considering right next to that giveaway were some pretty sweet Avengers shirts for anyone that went to the Marvel panels.

Overall Best Swag: Marvel

In my opinion, this goes to Marvel, not just for quality but for variety as well. Every day the Marvel booth (designed to be a replica of the SHIELD headquarters!!) had something different to offer. There were exclusive posters, comics, Captain America iTouch and iPhone 4 cases, passes to an early screening of Captain America, and of course those highly sought after and extremely cool Avengers T-shirts. Giveaway hour at the Marvel booth was always chaos and there would literally be mob of people desperate to get an Avengers shirt or whatever else was being handed out. During the last giveaway hour on Sunday, it was actually complete mayhem as the best was saved for last. Among the drool worthy items given out were limited edition figurines, signed movie poster boards, Captain America shields, and no less than three Marvel themed guitars signed by Stan Lee, Chris Evans, and Joe Quesada!

I thought Thor had a hammer..not an axe.

If you want more of Aileen’s generally awesome work follow her on Twitter @A1L33N


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SDCC Through Noob Eyes, vol 1

This is the first post by guest writer Patrick Haney. Welcome Patrick!

Freakin' A! It's Captain A!

For many of you babblers, SDCC 2011 was just another installment in your Comic Con franchise, but for me, this was my SDCC origin story. Welcomed into the fold of the famed Babble On CON-tourage, I battled the long lines and mediocre panels alongside Tony, Jeff, Johnny and the rest of the gang.  So for you that have always longed to check Comic Con off your bucket list, here is a review of the best that SDCC had to offer this newbie.  Let the vicarious living begin:

To be completely honest, I went into my first Con with low expectations of how many famous faces I would see to defend my inner child from being disappointed (he’s a crier, and nobody wants to see that).  However, I have to admit that all of my expectations were exceeded.  I shook hands and geeked out all over Jim Lee, Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Aziz Ansari, Blaire Butler, Olivia Munn, Taryn Manning, Diedrich Bader, Gil Gerard and Judah Friedlander.  And those were just the celebs kind enough to acknowledge my presence.  The list of famous faces I saw at events, signings and panels would go on for a parsec.

One of those celebrities that graced an event I attended was none other than the First Avenger himself, Chris Evans.  Making a “surprise” appearance that everyone expected, Chris showed up with an entourage of USO girls to say a few words before the country’s first showing of Captain America.  During the movie the crowd cheered and clapped and nobody had to explain why people were laughing at the Stan Lee cameo to the person sitting next to them (I love you, babe).  Even without Mr. Evans, seeing the best comic book movie of the summer with a Comic Con crowd would have made this one of the highlights of the weekend.

And like me, I’m sure many of you have sat around with your friends surrounded by a library of comic books inventing new characters and writing your own stories.  Maybe it was as a kid, and maybe it was last week, but we’ve all been there.  Yet last weekend I had the great pleasure of seeing my grade school buddy, Brent Peeples (@peeplesart), showcase his own talents in Artist Alley.  With an Image title on the way and a cameo on G4, it was finally my chance to say, “Hey, I know that guy,” and to see a childhood dream come true.

Now you may be expecting to hear about the panels or the swag or the cosplay, and while these were great I feel like the bulk of Comic Con coverage has done these items justice.  What you’re really missing from most stories is the camaraderie that is built each year inside those convention walls.  I went to Comic Con 2011 a noob, but I left Babbler.  I became a part of a league of above average gentlemen, and I hope to be standing shoulder to shoulder with them all in outrageous lines soon again.  So to my CON-tourage and to all others who would someday walk the great exhibition floor I say this: Babble On, my friends…..Babble On.


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The Flaming C and Me at SDCC

Well here is most of him...

Okay, anyone who knows me knows Conan O’Brien is one of my comedy hero’s, so it is no surprise that his appearance at SDCC was one of the best.  Conan opened an art gallery called Coco Moca and it was filled with fan art of the The Flaming C, his fake super hero that has become quite popular. It was really clever and it was obvious they put a lot of thought into it, something I wish other panels had done. In the window they had a life sized Lego Flaming C. Men in black suits stood around guarding the hilarious artwork like a professional gallery.  To top things off, waiters roamed the gallery offering up snacks and apple cider in stemware.

They also had the best Swag of the conference, or at least tied with Game of Thrones.  A T-shirt, done in a Flaming C  comic book style shirt was available as well as Flaming C oven mitts and a Flaming C cape. Sadly, they were out of capes when I arrived, but they still had the mitts.

Lastly, they had a green screen where you could get a free picture printed of you and the C either A. Lifting a school bus together or B. shooting lasers out of your eyes. I opted for lasers. I got to within a foot of Conan and almost met him, but it was way too crowded.  It was still awesome.

Coco also made a surprise appearance at the DC panel and signed autographs on the floor. Somehow I missed  all of that. You can see some of it at Team Coco.

One more thing: Conan has fan top 20 lists that you can contribute too. Last weeks was SDCC pickup lines, guess who’s made number 3? Yes, your very own Babbler, me, @czarjefferson on twitter. Here is a link to it.

Here are also a couple of pictures including my laser eyes.

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SDCC High’s and Low

"Okay, I totally geeked out when I met Danny,"

Well dear Babblers, another great Great Con has come and gone again and now we have to figure out how to get on with our lives without. My best bet is to keep talking about it for as long as possible, at least, until next years’ gets closer. More in depth and thoughtful analysis to follow but here are some brief high’s and low’s.

High’s – Game of Thrones panel, Conan O’Brien (almost met him!), trolling the sales floor, trying to get gold bricks to see Cowboys and Aliens, Action Chicks Party,  meeting “cool” people ( I know cool isn’t a normal adjective for us nerds.)Meeting Adam Baldwin and Danny Pudi, hanging with friends. I am sure that the Community Panel and Chuck panel would have been on my list but I missed them!

Low’s- Missing Community/Chuck panel, not a lot of great movie panels, missing the Geek Girls party Friday night, sitting through the Covert Affairs and The Knights of Badassdom panels. (The cast is great but the director wouldn’t shut up and most questions went to Summer Glau, whom you know we love.) Comic Con ending so quickly.

That being said, while I didn’t think the panel line up was as strong as it was in the past, I enjoyed this one more then most. Hanging with our CON-tourage was fun, and I met some new people, some of who may post on here. We spent more time doing extra events in the Gaslamp and there just seemed to be more going on after hours wise. I also slept in and didn’t tire myself out like I used too!

So fair Babblers, let us know your thoughts and high’s and low’s. We would love to hear from you. All in all I would I would give this SDCC 5 babbles.

Rating for Amadeus


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