Fantastic 5


Our Top 5 Superhero movies of all time:


  1. Dark knight– I think this movie speaks for itself. With it’s complex character psychology and the brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger, it will be legendary.
  2. Spider-man 2 The introduction to Otto Octavius aka Dr. Octopus as the villian of this 2nd film was genius.
  3. X2– One of the rare sequels that actually improves on the film before it. Great story telling and multiple marvel cameos for the true comic book geek.
  4. Ironman– Probably the most worried about how this film could have turned out. Whenever a movie uses a CG character heavily through the movie, it is prone to look incredibly fake. Robert Downey Jr. brings genuine charm to the character of Tony Stark.
  5. Superman Returns Bryan Singer’s film barely makes my list and could easily be replaced by a less popular superhero. But because it does justice in many ways to the original films in their ability to capture our imagination, it will remain as one of my all time favorite comic book movie.
  • The first X-men, Spider-man, and Batman Begins go without mentioning as favorites. Incredible Hulk gets a honorable mention – not to be confused with Ang Lee’s Hulk.


Another tough list that I can’t fully decide on but…

  1. Dark Knight – Hands down the best super hero movie ever made and it  probably belongs in its own category.
  2. X-2 – even with Cyclops still being a patsy this movie was amazing. The scene with Wolverine shredding Stryker’s men in Xavier ‘s School was glorious and Nightcrawler was great.
  3. Batman – The original Michael Keaton  movie. It was the first to really show what superhero movies could be. Ironically enough, Batman and Dark Knight both had the same characters (Batman and Joker) and both were really good renditions of them.
  4. Iron Man– Really fun and enjoyable movie. Robert Downey Jr. was a great Tony Stark.
  5. Spiderman 1 or 2 – I honestly can’t decide between the two. Both really captured the essence of Spiderman. I would probably give the edgde to 2.


  • Scott is still pondering between Catwoman or Superman IV as his favorite movie to post. He’ll get back with us soon.


  1. Superman the Movie: This is where my love affair with superheroes began. This movie unfolds more as an fantasy tale than action flick. It’s the first movie that we believed a man could fly.
  2. X-Men 2: Great balance of good story, great special effects, and fun characters. X2 was a strong improvement from the first. This was more than a superhero movie because it was more about survival than heroism.
  3. Spiderman 2: Another surprise sequel nails my top 5 list. This movie has everything you need for a part II; Sacrifice, a heart, and a great villian.
  4. Batman (Michael Keaton): This movie really captured the potential of superhero movies in pop culture. It was fun, dark, and over the top. The golden age of the superheroes had arrived.
  5. Unbreakable: This is probably an unexpected entry for most since it’s not a ‘traditional’ superhero movie. Howeve, M Night Shyamalan depiction of a regular guy turn hero is probably the most honest depiction I’ve ever seen in the superhero genre. Big kudos to M Night for the courage to pull off this serious flick.
  • I have one caveat. The Dark Knight is hands down in a league of it’s own. DK transcends the superhero genre and reaches new heights as an epic drama. It’ quite simply one of the best movies ever made. So I left it off this list to be fair to the others.


  1. Dark Knight
  2. Superman III
  3. Star Wars – hey, they’re super heros to me
  4. Black Dynamite
  5. Ironman

One response to “Fantastic 5

  1. Young

    The Dark Knight had some cinematic value and was entertaining.

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