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Westworld Trailer-What the FRACK is happening?

So… there’s this….

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Ask Stephen Hawking whether he’s really a robot

Hold on to your battery powered propeller beanies! Starting Monday July 27th 8 a.m. ET through Tuesday August 4th you can post your questions on reddit and, over the next few weeks, the Hawkman himself will answer them! The AMA is presented by Nokia and WIRED. You can ask your reddit questions HERE.

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Look at it, it’s so CUTE!-Google’s self driving car

Yes, I know, Google has had a self-driving car for a while, but THIS one is completely self-sufficient. No need for any human contact of any kind AND AND AND AND… it’s so keeeeeewt!

It’s so fluffy I’m going to DIE!

Check out the video below…

…and the embedded video in the article HERE. This video will walk you through all of the technological advances.

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