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Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam

Superman/Shazam The Return of Black Adam is the latest incarnation of the DC Showcase line of animated features. This one however is a little deceiving since the main feature with Superman and Shazam is only a half hour long. This is the origins story of Captain Marvel and his first meeting with Superman. They are both drawn together to oppose Black Adam (the evil version of Captain Marvel). Because of the title, apparently Black Adam was returning from somewhere and is not very happy. There is very little story with the exception of the Shazam wizard imputing powers onto a young Billy Batson. The strongest part of animated short is the combat between the three. There are some great exchanges and the collateral damage is high. After a few of these DC Showcases, I am starting to wonder if it’s an asset or liability to have a hero live in your city. I can imagine there is special ‘superhero’ insurance clause just in case your vehicle gets flung into a building or something- but I digress. Overall this is a fun and polished looking short. Done in an japanese animation style, the detail is high and the animation is fluid. Two thumbs up for how it looks. Continue reading



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I really like this case: Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross and several others in lesser roles. I felt it had Ferrell’s touch in some of the dialogue and David Cross’s personality came through. But in neither case did they over do it.

The animation was great end-to-end and the voice acting was right on. But I think the thing they did best in this movie was tell a fairly modern tale without just becoming adult and/or crude.

Too many animated movies these days try to appeal to everyone, in my opinion. Shrek is probably the worst – Pinocchio wearing a thong. Lame.

“The Incredibles” did it well and first by making a humorous, but ultimately an action movie that’s animated. It wasn’t talking animals or save-the-planet, enviro-friendly propaganda – it was a great action movie… that’s animated.

I think Megamind continued that, but also threw in some nice modern story-telling twists of the bad guy becomes the good guy (oops, spoiler!) unwillingly or at least unknowingly.

Through a nice step-by-step self-awareness and purpose-finding journey, he discovers that it’s not “being bad” that he loves, it’s the challenge, the competition, being pushed to exceed his own accomplishments over and over.

This is an accepted stance for the heroes – without villains, who needs heroes? But most of the time it’s assumed that without heroes, villains would be content. Not Megamind – it’s the thrill of the chase that he loves.

It’s not the funniest movie and I wouldn’t say I was completely engaged in the plot, but they didn’t drop the ball anywhere and it had some nice twists that other studios haven’t played with as much (e.g., the “Shrek” unlikely hero twist).

I give it 4 Babbles

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