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Star Trek Cruise


Hosted by William Shatner?! With members of the Captain Kirk’s enterprise crew?! Can you wait until January 2017? Holy Shiznit… this is going to be teeeeeerrible, but I want to go.

Check out their itinerary:
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.35.15 PM

Click HERE to make your reservation.


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New Supergirl Trailer

aaand Trailer #2… New Supergirl Trailer, with about 10 seconds of new footage~

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Why Kutcher Will Kill Two and a Half Men….

John Cryer About To Cry

So unless you have been living in a cave or maybe just watching Oprah’s channel, you will have no doubt heard about the epic meltdown “Tiger Blood” Charlie Sheen had that eventually got him kicked off his hit show Two and a Half Men.  Now I am on neutral ground on this show, I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. It has it’s moment but it is not a show I really care for, that being said, since it is big time TV news we will discuss it. More importantly it has been announced that Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen on the show. My prediction is this: Kutcher will fail, miserably.

Here’s why. Kutchers’ biggest (only) fans are still in high school and watching The Jersey Shore instead of Two and a Half Men.  Two and a Half Men’s target audience is a much older crowd, think 30’s and 40’s main stream America, not teeny boppers and Demi Moore. I am surprised they didn’t try to replace Sheen with another late 80s early 90s star, Rob Lowe or some other B list type.  How about Judd Nelson? (I mean the show does have Jon Cryer in it after all.)

Truthfully, and sadly, no one can replace Sheen. Just like Steve Carell is the heart of The Office, Charlie Sheen was the heart of Two and a Half Men. The show was built around his immature, crazy antics and it’s those very same immature antics that got him fired and will ultimately end the show. It’s sad for the cast and crew that they had a good thing ruined by a spoiled actor who likes to party. It is also sad CBS expects Kutcher to fill that roll. He is put in an impossible situation and simply won’t resonate with the shows audience. Kutcher won’t kill Two and a Half Men, Charlie already did that, he is the death blow that should put it out of it’s misery. They should rename it Two and a Half Men on Life Support. What do you expect from a guy who still goes by the name Charlie?

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