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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Arrested Thoughts

new bluthSo after much excitement after last week’s release of the 15 new Arrested Development episodes I have slowly been making my way through them and the results are mixed to say the least. I will say as I have watched  further into them they have gotten better, as plots and jokes begin to build on themselves (Tobias’ episode was great) , but this is clearly not the same show we fell in love with so many years before.

Obviously they don’t want to just rehash all of their old bits but the new gags they replace them with just aren’t working as well.  The show is also a lot longer than the original 22 minute Fox hit with some shows going as long as 36 minutes and believe me,  you feel it. When a bit isn’t working, it often goes on and on and you just awkwardly want it to end. Why didn’t they edit more out? Who knows, but the show clearly needs it.

I think my worst complaint is this is no longer the self-absorbed, yet lovable family we used to watch. Sure they had their flaws, but there was a naïve cluelessness to it all. The characters now are lot darker. They have lost their innocence, fallen on hard times and are just, well, kind of sad.

Most of the characters aged well but the biggest difference is Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Bluth, who has clearly had some plastic surgery or too much Botox or who knows what. She looks like a future version of one of the Olsen Twins.  Look, people age, but you can do it gracefully and all of that work catches up with you eventually.

Despite that Netflix scored an overall hit with the Arrested Development premiere and appeared to be double the ratings of House of Cards. It is a weird time for TV as companies like Netflix and Amazon are beginning to create their own titles and from that standpoint Arrested Development feels like something epic. Was it too much to hope season four would pick right back up where season three ended? Of course. But was it unreasonable to expect to recapture a little of that old magic, I mean C’monI

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Thoughts On The New Arrested Development

So by now if you don’t know about Netflix’s upcoming Arrested Development release you have probably been frozen in the banana stand. Arrested Development is hands down my favorite sitcom of all time. I decided that in preparation of their upcoming new episodes on Netflix that I would re-watch the original three seasons and I am glad I did. They are still fresh, original and funny and more importantly every time I watch them I catch something I didn’t the first time.

The release date is May 26th and while I am excited about it I do have some questions. Namely, after so much time away, will the show still keep its fresh originality? It is hard to imagine they can just pick up where they left off but at the same time the show ended in full stride and we never had to watch it die the slow, painful death hit comedies usually suffer. The temptation for them will be to try and cram in as many of the old bits that they can so that it feels forced. I think the key here is to trust the cast, writers and director. They did a great job with the originals and I believe they will nail the new ones as well. They certainly have had more than enough time to come up with ideas.

The other question of course is how much has the cast aged?  The most obvious would be Alia Shawkat (Maeby) and Michael Cera (George-Michael) and possibly Jessica Walter (Lucille) and Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr.). So to answer that question here are the promo posters.

new bluth

So Lucille and George still look pretty much the same. Here is Maeby and George-Michael.

michael and maybe

George-Michael is a little older but he still keeps his baby face. Maeby has definitely aged the most, from cute rebellious kid to college student, but she still fits the role. Now for fun here is Lindsey.

new portia

She still looks amazing. Most of the rest of the cast haven’t changed to much either. I can’t wait. If you want to check them out here is the trailer.

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Fellow Babblers, last week I posted a review about Let the Right One In, however, what I did not tell you is that I actually watched another movie right after that one. (Yeah, it was a slow night.) I watched the aptly named Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

Okay, I got to be honest here folks; I have no clue how to rate this one. This movie is supposed to be bad with an absurd plot and cheesy graphics. (Think Snakes on a Plane.) So the question is, how do you rate a movie that is more or less supposed to be bad? If I say it was bad then did it accomplish its mission? I guess you have to rate it with the question of did it do it’s job in a good way?

So here is the scoop. This movie pretty much lives up to its name. An enormous prehistoric shark and octopus are frozen in them midst of an epic battle inside a glacier. Due global warming or because the plot required it, the ice melts and they escape. Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed. Oceanographer Emma, no last name given, played by the 80’s pop star Debbie Gibson is researching whales in the area when all of the sudden, Out of the Blue (get it?) her submarine is nearly destroyed by the two beasts but not until she can get a quick picture of them.

The shark and octopus take a break from their fighting to go their separate ways on order to terrorize different coasts. The octopus heads to Japan, and in a scene that would make BP shiver, destroys an off shore oil platform. The shark goes to the American west coast and begins destroying ships and low flying 747s. (Yes a 747, in what is probably the funniest scene in the movie.)

Not surprisingly, the American government, represented only by a dude with pony tale, to devise a way to stop the shark and octopus, later contacts Emma. She goes to her mentor an old Irish oceanographer named Lamar, to help her. They also enlist the help of a, overly philosophical Japanese scientist named of Shieji Shimada. After realizing their mutual attraction to their own pheromones (if you know what I mean…) they device a plan to lure the shark and octopus into a fight to the death with each other using their pheromones to attract each other.

The special effects are pretty horrible; you could probably do just as much at home on your own computer and Adobe After Effects. The sets are used multiple times, with the inside of a United States destroyer looking exactly like that of a Japanese submarine. Of course the acting is bad and the dialogue doesn’t help it either.

So here is the deal. If you like really cheesy movies, like the old Godzilla movies, you might get a kick out of this or if you like absurd plots and over bad acting, you might enjoy it too. Maybe you just like to get a good laugh at a crappy movie, this is for you.

Whatever you do, for heavens sake, don’t spend money on this movie, it is streaming on Netflix for a good reason.

To really, truly enjoy this movie, I would advise you and a couple friends gather together one evening, raid the liquor cabinet, pour yourself something stiff to drink and sit back and have fun. It’s pretty much what we did.

As a “movie” I give this one Babble, but despite that I still had fun with it.


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