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HALO Fashionista

Ever wanted to feel as though you went through Master Chief training? Feel as though you’ve earned the right to strut with your chest high with a hard look in your eye, that says that you’ve been through hell and are more badass than anyone else could hope to be?

Well, here’s the first step toward making that happen. Yeah~ You can start dressing like you live in the Halo Universe… since, you know, it’s not real.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.57.53 AM

Check the online store HERE. It ain’t cheap though. So better ask mom for an advance on your allowance… for the next three years.

They also have an Assassin’s Creed collection HERE.


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Adult Science Fair-with prizes!

Geekwire is holding its summit again this year-calling for all ‘geeky inventors’ to apply and pitch their inventions. So if you’re one of those never-leaves-my-house-except-to-go-to-the-hardware-store-and-swap-meets kind of person and is probably working on some sort of nuclear reactor in your backyard THIS is, probably the only, place for your to shine.

check out the link HERE for all the deets.

Just know that this is one of the only place you will ever be validated for all those hundreds of hours you’ve spent alone in your garage dreaming up useless things… so you better make the trip out. Good luck tributes, and may the odds be ever in your favor~ YOU NERDS!

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Minecraft + HoloLens = whaaaaaaaaa?

Minecraft has never looked cooler, and I say that because I’ve never thought minecraft looked cool. But here it is folks, the upgrade of all upgrades.

Much like the hologram tech from ironman, Microsoft’s hololens + minecraft partnership is looking puhreeeety sweet. Check the full video below.


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