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The Rock up for Green Lantern?

The lovely people over at IGN made an interesting connection earlier today.  You may have heard that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Fast and Furious, G.I. Joe Retaliation) has been tweeting about being involved in a new DC project, and there has been plenty of speculation as to what that role might be.  However, the folks at IGN have postulated that he may, in fact, be playing one of the multiple human Green Lanterns, John Stewart, based off of an Instagram photo that Johnson posted himself back in November.  See the image below:


Photo courtesy of IGN via Instagram

With this upload Rocky also sent out the following:  “Known this beast since he was 15. I was on the football field playing for Miami, he was leading the Hurricanes marching band as Drum Major. He spent years of working on my WWE story lines & Rock monologues. Then years of being on every movie set with me learning the film business from top to bottom. Today, he’s one of the best and most sought after producers in Hollywood. Brilliant, relentless and one big motherf*cker! Proud of you brother & thank you for all the hard work. #ProducerHiram #TeamRock #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”

The hashtag to take notice of here is very clearly: “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss” which may elude to the part he’s been referring to.  Or it may be something completely unrelated.  What are your thoughts on The Rock slipping on a Power Ring?  Is this another misstep in the long line of recent DC casting?  Is The Rock everything you could have hoped for in a John Stewart since Justice League Unlimited?  His comicbook-esque proportions certainly help to physically sell the role.  Only time will tell, or it won’t (you know, since it’s only speculation).

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5 Reasons I’m Breaking Up With DC

we're done

I promise I’m not usually this abusive with my lovers.

First, I’d like to make it clear that I’m NOT making this about Ben Affleck. I actually support this decision and agree with people like Val Kilmer (“Give Ben a chance!”) and Joss Whedon that he’ll “crush it” as Bruce Wayne/Batman (as long as he gets the right material, keep reading for more on this).  No, this breakup is a cumulative decision for a multitude of reasons that you’ll get a peek at below.  Let’s start with number one:

We’re Going in Separate Directions

Look, DC, I love you. There’s no questioning that. We’ve had some great times together, including some of the best cinematic and comic book experiences of my life. However, all of your recent decisions have just proven to me that we’re just not in the same place right now.  Continuuity issues and retcons plague your comic books and your movies, save one, have just been head scratchers of late. I’m in a place where I see how much fun all of my other friends are having in their Marvel relationships, and how GOOD and exciting their lives together have been.  I need that feeling again.

I Feel Like We’re Just Going Through the Motions

Look DC, I know you’re just trying to play catch up with the other, prettier options out there. However, trust me when I say you can’t just try and emulate what everyone else is doing.  You have to be your own entity or you’ll end up missing the point entirely.   Don’t diversify just to be diverse in your comic books, there needs to be a reason for a change in your characters or your teams. Don’t make quick decisions just because of the success of others. Establish your own identity and then finding your own path to success will come naturally.

Your Friends Are Getting in the Way

I love spending time with you DC. However, your new friends have started to drive a wedge between us. It seems that David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder are in creative control of your most iconic character and are now deciding the direction in which to take the world’s greatest detective. This is a problem. After Man of Steel it has become quite apparent that this not-so-dynamic duo doesn’t get Superman and have left little to no faith in me that they’ll be able to do the Caped Crusader any justice at all.

Our Intimate Moments are Wonderful but There’s No Substance

Look, we both know what happnes in our alone time together is absolutely Earth shattering. Your animated films and TV shows put other companies to shame. With recent successes like Justice League Doom, Flashpoint Paradox, Wonder Woman, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Arrow it’s incredibly hard for me to tear away from you. But while I enjoy these works, most of my friends just don’t get the connection between them and myself. They look at them and can’t see past their cartoon presentation.  THESE are what your live action films should emulate.  Alas, they aren’t enough to keep me hanging around while the rest of our relationship together falls so flat.

There’s No Trust Between Us

While this is kind of a collection of the previous, I feel it deserves its own category. The aforementioned items may be reasons that I can no longer trust you, but it’s also become painfully obvious that a more glaring problem is that you no longer trust me. I’m your core audience. I’m the one that you could have relied on when everyone else abandoned you, yet you treat me with such disregard. Marvel is out there making comic book movies for comic book fans, while you’re making comic book movies for mainstream audiences. While I don’t want you to be exactly what others are, you need to be something that actually makes sense. Do you want to know why people pick apart the things that don’t make any sense at all in The Dark Knight Rises as opposed to making up reasonable excuses (like why SHIELD didn’t step in during
the events of Iron Man 3)? Because TDK series is “grounded in reality.” Do you know what happens to people who try to be Batman in “reality” DC?  THIS.  And nobody wants that.

You need to trust that comic book movies will bring comic book fans in droves to the theater, or the quality and believe-ability of your movie franchises will continue to decline.


Your Ex-Lover

Bonus Reason – Man of Steel.

Seriously.  WTF.


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Why No Wonder Woman Movie?

For a long time many people have been asking, “why is there no Wonder Woman movie?”  This article explains.

“We’ve seen lots of Spiderman in recent years, plenty of Iron Man, as well as Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Superman and Batman. We’re even going to see Superman and Batman together.” Click to read more:

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Superman: Man of Steel First Poster



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SDCC Recap: Neil Gaiman Returns to The Sandman!

Out of all the exciting and surprising announcement to come out of 2012 Comic-Con was this major announcement from DC’s Vertigo. Neil Gaiman is returning to The Sandman series! We repeat, Neil Gaiman is returning to The Sandman series. Additionally, he is being paired with artist JH Williams III from Batwoman.

Easily one of my favorite series ever (maybe my all time favorite,) The Sandman is considered to have fundamentally changed the face of storytelling in the comic book industry. First released in 1988 it has sold more the 7 million copies and is one of the few graphic novels to make the New York Times Best Seller list (along with Watchmen and Dark Knight.) The release will be a mini-series in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series.

If you aren’t familiar with The Sandman go and get familiar with it. It will rock your world. For those who are familiar with it, the story will pick up from the very first issue of The Sandman. As you may recall, Dream starts in captivity, is weakened and dressed for battle. This story explains how we find him in such straits.

I missed out on the original series in 1988. Rest be assured I will not miss out on this one. It is slated for release in 2013.

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Superman: Man of Steel Official Teaser Trailer #1

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Take a Look at the Official SDCC 2012 Swag Bags

For the third year in a row, Warner Bros. Entertainment will sponsor the official San Diego Comic Con “Swag Bag.” The bags will feature double-sided artwork and each will have the all-new Comic-Con 2012 official design on one side, with the other highlighting Warner Bros. titles, including TV series — live-action and animated — from Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation, and upcoming theatrical features from Warner Bros. Pictures. The features TV titles include:  ArrowThe Big Bang TheoryDC NationFringeSupernatural and The Vampire Diaries, along with motion pictures Man of Steel and Pacific Rim.

Over 130,000 of the bags will be made to guarantee that every badge holder will get their own swag bag, which have become very popular SDCC keepsakes over the past few years. They measure 24 x 9  and are an oversized messenger style bag, unlike last year’s, which could be converted into a back pack.

WB released these photos of the bag today . Not included is the art work for Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, which will most likely be a surprise for SDCC fans. Which one is your favorite so far?



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Countdown to SDCC: T-Minus 13 Days

In our award winning series we continue to countdown to SDCC 2012!

dc comics horn of africaHere is something interesting I stumbled upon yesterday that you may want to check out while at SDCC. While you and I both know that the comic book world has some amazing artists, it is generally not considered a “high society” or “artsy” genre. So who says you can’t get a little cultural while at San Diego Comic Con this year?

Hopefully you are aware by now that the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya) is suffering from one of the worst famines in decades. Somalia in particular is in trouble as they have had no functioning government since the mid 1990’s. There are literally millions of people  at risk. Africa is a place I have come to care greatly about and so I was thrilled when DC Comics launched the “We Can Be Heroes,” two-year, multimillion dollar campaign to raise money for humanitarian groups working to provide relief in the famine struck area (as reported by B5’s Tony Kim.)

Okay. so, what does this have to do with the SDCC? There is a touring art exhibition called Darkness and Light: Art Inspired by Heroes and Villains, Hope and Heroism that will be viewable by fans attending Comic-Con this year. Various artist, most notably Jim Lee, have donated pieces of art work to the tour that will be mixed with photography’s of the real heroes, humanitarian aid workers, fighting hunger in Ethiopia. At the end of the tour the pieces will be auctioned off to support relief efforts. Proceeds from sales of variant cover comics also went to the cause. They had a pretty cool shirt you could get for making a donation to the cause as well and I can only assume it is still available since this is a 2- year drive.

I won’t get on my high-horse here, but I do think in our 21st century world where we have so much, it is sad that people still go without food and clean water. I would expect the DC booth to have some info on this as well. I plan on checking out the art show whatever the case may be. Here is the info of where to find it.


Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts

363 5th Ave. #102

San Diego, CA 92101

This is literally 2 or 3 blocks away from the convention on the corners of J St. and 5th.  We can only

assume that Michael J. Wolf is distant evolutionary cousin of Michael J. Fox.

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New Superman banner releases. Thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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Wondering about WonderCon?

If you weren’t fortunate enough to acquire passes for Comic-Con 2012, then you should really consider WonderCon March 16-18. Held for the first time in Anaheim (across from Disney), WonderCon has much of the feel of Comic-Con with less of the hassle. With an impressive programming line-up, it is sure to fill your nerd tank to full. We are most looking forward the panels for Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus, Fringe, DC, Marvel, Once Upon A Time, and Community. Best part is that its a very affordable convention! Buy tickets ahead of time to save money! Hope to see you in Orange County!

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You can be a hero!

Some of you may not be aware, but there is a huge famine in the Horn of Africa and they are facing what is being called the worst hunger crisis of the last 60 years. Approximately 13 million people are suffering without food. It doesn’t help that much of the area, like Somalia, doesn’t have a functioning government and local leaders are making distribution difficult. I read a story about one women who had to walk 100 miles to find food. On the way she had to stop and bury her infant son who had died during her travels. Terrible, heart-breaking stuff, but you can help.

DC is launching the We Can Be Hero’s campaign. For every donation you make to raise food for Africa, they will match it 100%, they are also selling super cool gear with the slick We Can Be Hero’s logo, 50% of those proceeds go to help raise food as well. I have had the privilege of visiting Africa (not this part though) it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I can honestly say the people are the most kind and joyous I have ever met. Here in America, where we have so much, let’s help those who have so little. The world is in need of a few hero’s, what are you waiting for?

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Comic Con Member Registration Begins

Fellow Babblers! If you are one of the countless millions that hope to get into Comic-Con this year be warned, like The Flaming Lips say, “the test begins now.” (Brownie points if you name that song or album.) As of now until February 28th you must first register with Comic Con and receive a member ID that you will later use to crash their system when tickets sales go live. This is done to make things easier, how?  We don’t know! But they say it is, so thus it must be! That being said, we all plan on being there this year and hope you do too! Good luck.

Here is the   Comic Con Member Registration Link.

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