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The Taken King live gameplay from Bungie!!

Check it out on Bungie’s twitch channel TODAY at 2pm EST

HURRY CLICK HERE to get to their channel before it’s too late!!


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You better call your mom again.

Bungie is (let’s say) adjusting all your favorite weapons:
Hard Light, Nechrochasm, The Last Word, Thorn, Hawkmoon, No Land Beyond, Black Hammer, Lord of Wolves, Gjallarhorn.

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Buy a Video Game-Save the World

Ok… that’s a bit dramatic, but in seriousness, the video game industry has been struggling. The cost to make a truly revolutionary and beautiful game has skyrocketed, which has caused graphics companies and video game studios to drop like flies-despite great sales and accolades. (Reference to Irrational Games shutting down. Find article HERE) And for a time it seemed bleak-as though the future of this industry and of this art form (BECAUSE IT IS an art form MOM!) was going to be driven purely by what one could make for cheap without substance or form or depth. BUT It seems that the tide might be turning a bit.

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