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The time has come for me to buy my own firefly class spaceship, assemble a rag tag group of people to become my space family, and go on great adventures to see the outer reaches of the universe AND to become the GREATEST SPACE PIRATE OF ALL TIME. And now that I can grow my own produce in space, food will never be a problem again.

Click the jump for a video of the space guys eating space lettuce
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New Con Man Trailer

A few months ago, Alan Tudyk released a crowd funding video of his new show Con Man featuring Nathan Fillion. They promised laughs and a sharp look into the reality of a man who is a one hit wonder. (No you’re not Wash! You are a leaf on the wind!)

And NOW there is an official trailer for the new show Con Man and it looks hilarious. From what I can gather in the trailer, a number of the Firefly cast is going to be featured in the series, so I’m pretty stoked, and Alan Tudyk is hilarious. I’m watching how you soar Wash, and I’m liking what I’m seeing~

Click below for the full trailer

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No Comic Con 2014 Badge? Now What?

Comic Con 2014 Pre-Registration (only open to those who obtained a 2013 single or 4-day badge) has come and gone.  The internet was filled with varying emotions; cries of anger, last minute efforts, tears, joy, satisfaction, and elation all very common.  Which emotion did you succumb to?  Did you get your 2014 badge?

If the answer to the above question is a resounding “No!” then I’m here to tell you… “Fear not!”  You still have a chance with the upcoming “Open Registration,” which, as the name implies, is open to the public (as long as you have a Member ID).  The worst part of that last sentence is that Open Reg is an even worse experience than Preregistration.  Random page refreshes, time-outs, and any number of things can go wrong and boot you out of the waiting room, a waiting room that you may or may not even be able to enter due to scheduling/work conflicts.


In case you can’t read it, that says #46465 place in line.

So what if you don’t get a badge at all?  Is it worth traveling to sunny San Diego?  Can you still have fun at Comic Con without entering the Con?  Of course the answer is “Yes!”

For the past three years I have flown out to San Diego without a badge. Every year I try.  Every year I fail.  Maybe it’s my ISP.  Maybe I’m not the “fastest nerd in the West” on a keyboard.  Who knows where the fault lies.  What I can tell you is that with or without a badge (I’ve managed to get one each year after making it to the Gaslamp District thanks to some amazing people!) San Diego Comic Con is something I couldn’t imagine my life without.

What can I do WITHOUT a Comic-Con Badge?

Of course, I am a champion for Nerd HQ.  That’s my main attraction each year.  With fantastic panels (which are also hard to score tickets for), video games, dance parties, free giveaways, drinks, a ton of like-minded people, and a fantastic volunteer staff that is incredibly welcoming, you cannot go wrong here.

But Nerd HQ isn’t the only off-site location.  There are a TON of these little pocket-cons popping up all over the place.  2013 saw Geek and Sundry’s first appearance, taking over Jolt’n’Joes giving nerds a chance to play board games with the likes of Wil Wheaton, try out new video games from developers new and old, and so much more.  There has never been a better place to profess your love for all things geek/nerd/gamer than the Gaslamp District during San Diego Comic Con.  The local shops get in on the fun as well, often hosting TV shows and theming their establishments out accordingly.


You’ll never do it better.

And that’s just during the day.  At night, as it is with any downtown location, the Gaslamp comes alive.  Now, admittedly, you’re going to get the club crowd.  People who don’t really mesh well with your Captain Mal cosplay.  But when have you ever let that crowd ruin your fun?  There are after parties EVERYWHERE.  Walking around the Gaslamp and discovering new locations is an incredible experience that I’d recommend every one do each year.  You’ll find nerdy low-key and chill areas at various hotel lounges, elbow-to-elbow tech on every table bars and restaurants, and video game paradises all throughout.  There is honestly something for everyone here.  And these are just the FREE things you can do.

There are plenty of paid-to-enter events like the Walking Dead Escape Zombie Run where volunteers dress up as zombies and are tasked with “killing” you before you make it out of a pretty decent obstacle course.  Glenn and Rick cosplayers welcome.

The moral of the story here, folks, is that if you didn’t score your badge yet and you continue to come up short, it’s not that big of a deal.  There’s so much more to do at Comic Con than JUST Comic Con.  Get a group of your closest nerd friends, what some might call your “Contourage,” and get your butts down to San Diego for what will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your year, every year.

As a side, you’re also traveling to San Diego, one of the most beautiful cities in the continental United States.  If you don’t have a badge and somehow run out of things to do, or if you stick around after the Con, there are a multitude of places you can go just to check out the scenery that are also FREE.  And, if you’re lucky like I’ve been, you might just find yourself inside the Con anyway.  Basically, come to San Diego, you won’t regret it!

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Joss Whedon and the cast of Firefly to Reunite at SDCC!


Browncoats unite, the rumors are true! Just confirmed today, SDCC will be having a panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of the short-lived, but beloved cult TV show, Firefly! The best part? Both Joss Whedon AND Nathan Fillion, will be panelists on what is sure to be a packed house.

Hosted by SCIENCE, the panel will take place on Friday, July 13 at 12:30 PM in Ballroom 20. In addition to Whedon and Fillion, the panel will include writer Tim Minear, and cast members, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Michael Faerman, and “the rest of the crew of Serenity.” The panel will also include never-before-sceen footage and “numerous buzz worthy surprises.”

For more info and their full SDCC line up, check out the SCIENCE site.

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Obama and GOP Reach Deal on Comic Con Cap!

Washington D.C. (AP) -After weeks and weeks of stalemated talks and partisan bickering President Obama and GOP leaders finally reached an agreement on the Comic-Con population and spending cap issues.  If the talks had failed to produce any deal by Friday night it was feasible that the great Con may not occur at all. The debate raged between Obama, who wanted to raise both ticket prices and the number of attendees, and Republicans who wanted to cut spending by reducing the number of panels while lowering the number of attendees. Both parties, who have lost all credibility among the nations’ nerd and geek communities, were desperate to avoid any more plunging approval ratings.

Just when all seemed lost and another walk-out inevitable, nerd hero’s Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi, stepped into the panel to offer a reasonable compromise. The final deal, which is being called CapCon, would raise the overall price to $175 but keep the current number of panels and attendees, was signed early in the morning, giving each side the much needed time to get in line for Hall H. Additionally, a special entitlement program for those who couldn’t get SDCC tickets called the Nerd HQ, was signed into existence as well.

President Obama released a statement saying, “This is a win-win for nerds and geeks everywhere. The great American tradition of Comic Con will continue for the foreseeable future. However, much more work needs to be done.  There is still the question of keeping Comic Con in San Diego and the always touchy subject of getting rid of the Twilight panels. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go plan out what panels I am going to.“

The signing of CapCon

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Who’s Who? at Comic Con vol 4.

Over the last few weeks I have been introducing you to the various C list celebrities that you might encounter at San Diego Comic Con, often sitting alone and isolated in the autograph section, signing pictures for $20 bucks a pop. Those actors and actresses whose 15 minutes are long over but somehow they still manage to make money on it. I’m talking about such greats as Richard Hatch, Peter Mayhew and even the legendary Lou Ferrigno.  However, today is a very special day for we look not into the failed past but rather the miserable future. The future, you say? Yes, the future, for surely more C list celebs are sure to come and today I proudly present to you…

Future Who’s Who at SDCC!

With all the failed shows and bit parts out there, there are plenty of future C  listers to go around, however, one name stands above them all. This person has unsuccessfully starred in not one, not two, but three failed nerd shows and the casualties keep mounting. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet: Summer Glau.

At least she has nice guns

Summer Glao is one of those people who keeps getting acting jobs despite herself. In fact, our very own Tony Kim, wrote an article calling her the kiss of death (check out some of the comments that were left.). She started with a guest appearance in Angel before landing lead roles in Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and even NBC latest embarrassment, The Cape, all of which more or less failed.

Let me say here that I LOVE Firefly, it was a brilliant show and it’s a damn shame it didn’t last, I will also say that Summer Glao is not the reason it failed, but none-the-less, it is on her resume and can’t be undone.  So that makes three, big, nerdy franchises she has been in that all were canceled. What does this mean for her career? It means that one, nobody in their right mind in Hollywood will touch her again and two, soon she will be prostituting her autographs (we hope that’s all) out at all the major conventions.

Yep, if you are at SDCC and see a cute girl with a long line of creepy guys in black silk screened shirts at her table, chances are it will probably be her. You can start saving your money for those autographs now if you really want to, but I wouldn’t worry about it, you will have plenty of chances in the upcoming years.

Oddly enough, when she was cast for the Terminator TV series, she hadn’t seen ANY of the Terminator movies! Really?


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