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If you loved old monster movies from the 1930s and 1950s, TITANO is right up your alley. A short tribute film directed by Ben Chavda and starring Irwin Keyes, TITANO is a look into the life of an old character actor who is able to play the role of a lifetime in a surprising turn of events. Endearing and slightly melancholy, the short is a wonderful tribute, and even more poignant as Irwin Keyes died shortly after filming was completed.


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Sharks in a volcano?!

Ok, time to take a break from all the Comic Con action and get down and dirty with some good old OG nerd action.

National Geographic dropped an underwater camera into the ash plume of a submarine volcano and found sharks and sting rays living inside. Why is this significant? Because the volcano is extremely volatile (constantly erupting) and was thought to be too toxic for life. But here they are, large animals just chillaxing in this dangerous volcano. Hello paradigm, let’s flip you upside down.

Click the link for the full article and video

sharks in a volcano
My favorite part is how they cheered every time they saw an animal~

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New Bubble Wrap is losing its pop – CNN.com

It’s the end of the world as we know it!! Hide yo kids hide yo wife errebody gettin… oh wait that was for something different. Still this is tragic.


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