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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Coming in SEPTEMBER!!!

Click the Jump for a couple more videos to tide you over until then…
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First Day without Jon Stewart

Breathe in that air. Do you smell it? Do you taste it? Feel it?

Jon Stewart isn’t hosting the Daily Show anymore. No longer will your late night pizza or study breaks be hosted by that wise man playing the fool. No more NYC pizza raves and rants, no more Italian mob impressions, no more stereotypical Jewish grandma impressions, no more “HELLOOOOO” shrilly screeched in his best Queen Elizabeth, and no more self-deprecating one liners.

Hit the Jump for one of my favorite (there are SO many how can I choose?!) Jon Stewart Daily Show moments:
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Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl TRAILER

This. Looks. FANTASTIC!

Don’t ask questions, just watch the trailer…

And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen these girls before… the answer is ‘Camp Takota’. Trailer below.


Hanna Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen”

by far, my favorite episode


Grace Helbig’s “The Grace Helbig Show”

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ASH vs Evil Dead Trailer = yummy goodness

Words would just cheapen this experience. For the love of God just click below!

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