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The time has come for me to buy my own firefly class spaceship, assemble a rag tag group of people to become my space family, and go on great adventures to see the outer reaches of the universe AND to become the GREATEST SPACE PIRATE OF ALL TIME. And now that I can grow my own produce in space, food will never be a problem again.

Click the jump for a video of the space guys eating space lettuce
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UPDATE: Japan accepts US’s robot battle… aaaand BOOM goes the dynamite

Last week US robotics company, MegaBots, issued a RWandB infused challenge to Suidobashi Heavy Industries. What kind of challenge? The best kind-a Robot Battle. And CEO/Founder/Creator, Kogoro Kurata, had this to say…

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.41.12 PM

yes… yes they are… Full video below~

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Mark II v Kuratas

America v Japan… just in time for July 4th…. … … buuuuuuut, this might not go as well as that whole independence thing.

Feels a lot like an Apple III computer going up against a PS4 in a game of Nazi Zombies. What have movies always taught us since the beginning of time? NEVER GO AGAINST JAPAN WHEN ROBOTS ARE INVOLVED!

Happy Fourth of July anyway people! Make sure to hug old white guys that have a vague physical similarity to our forefathers or who are dressed as old timey people carrying muskets.

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Japanese Fan Interviews Harry Potter Cast

Daniel Radcliffe

Rupert Grint

Emma Watson

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