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Hold on to your Jedi panties-Guy makes real life light saber!

Allen Pan, also known as WIZARD and JEDI MASTER Allen Pan, has used all of his jedi (read as electrical engineering) education to create this wonderment… this beauty… this WET dream come true for all nerdom EVERYWHERE! Allen Pan has created a real working light saber.


Ok… so the saber is more the size of a fencer’s foil, but it even makes the SOUND EFFECTS!!!

Check the build and a 3 min video HERE and wear a diaper just in case a little wee comes out. OR just don’t wear pants (that’s what I do!)


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BRAND NEW Revealing Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!

We’re just over a month away from the launch of The Force Awakens, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Or, at least, we thought we couldn’t!  A new trailer for the upcoming film has debuted in Japan, and it has revealed some interesting new scenes, and even more interesting sound clips!

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

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by | November 6, 2015 · 6:19 am

Starwars: The Force Awakens Trailer


Yesterday, Tickets to ‘Starwars: The Force Awakens’ went on sale and immediately crashed numerous websites. Yours truly managed to snag an IMAX 3D showing on opening night Dec. 18th, 2015 (2 months out)! Shortly after, the trailer hit the interwebs and hit 200k views in a matter of 20 minutes. Today, it’s been viewed close to 13 MILLION times (10 of those are my contributions). The trailer is below if you haven’t yet watched it. Be prepare to get swept up in all the feels.

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Star Wars Ep VII behind the scenes

Star Wars fans at comic con were surprised with a beautiful little short that showed the behind the scenes action of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The damn thing gave me chills.

They were then given another gift from heaven with invitations to a surprise concert performed by the San Diego Symphony featuring classic Star Wars music from John Williams at the Embarcadero Marina Park South. Ohhhh man~~ can’t wait for Johnny to get back and tell us all about it~

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New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

As we creep ever so closely to the May 17th release date- more and more images of the new Star Trek movie are coming out- and it is looking better and better each time. This may take the franchise where no Star Trek movie has gone before!

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Star Trek Into Darkness #2

Another AMAZING trailer has been released for the new JJ Abrams highly anticipated Trek adventure. This one takes more of a humorous and personal approach which was missing from the first awesomely action packed trailer. It’s great to see Kirk up to his rebellious shenanigans with his failthful crew following their Captain’s lead. I can’t decide which movie I am more excited for- this one or Man of Steel. Each new trailer puts either movie in the lead in my conflicted mind. Either way, I will be their for opening night of both eagerly hoping for my world to be rocked. What do you think of this new trailer?

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Star Trek Into Darkness teaser

It’s been a long 4 years, but we finally get a look at JJ Abrams highly anticipated sequel to the rebooted Star Trek. In my opinion, the new Star Trek franchise is one of the few reboot/re-start/re-imagining that surpassed expectations at every level- and I am saying this as a HARDCORE Trekkie. Even though 4 years has been a long time in cinema terms, I’m glad that JJ took his time with it instead of rushing a ‘McMovie’ out to make a buck. Apparently from to this teaser, this Star Trek adventures seems to be much different than it’s predecessors- which is a good thing. We’ll be getting a longer version on Dec 17th so keep your hailing frequencies open. What are your thoughts?

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A movie fan poll:


When it was first announced that JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel would hit the theaters in 2013, I was elated. Then when it was announced that a special 9-minute preview would be released in front of The Hobbit IMAX, I was going plain bananas- and immediately started making plans to seeing it there. However, upon further thought, I started to reconsider this decision. Even though I loved seeing both the Dark Knight and DKR previews, I do think it took away from the impact when seeing their respective films. I love Star Trek more than anything so I am in a dilemma if I should see this preview since it’s my highest anticipated film for next year. What do you think? Do you like to see these extended previews or do you avoid them? Thanks for your vote!


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Super 8

*No Spoilers*
When I was 14, one of my fondest memories was making a sci-fi film with my best friends. Equipped with Star Wars models and firecrackers, all of our time, energy, and limited resources went into the epic project of miniatures proportions. It was more than just crafting some cool space battles, but it was about being masters of our own destiny. We didn’t care if our parents thought we were crazy or if no-one ever saw it. We just knew we had to make it. We were filled with hopes and dreams.

Some movies wow you with special effects. Others rivet you with intriguing characters. While some, transport you to a nostalgic era of your childhood. Super 8 magically does all three. Super 8 was shrouded in mystery throughout it’s production and even in the trailers leading up to its release- this is what we come to expect from the reincarnated ‘Spielbergian’ director JJ Abrams. Even though we had no idea what to expect, you knew it would include emotion, mystery, and intensity (with a few lens flares for good measure).

Super 8 is about a group of boys in producing their own amateur zombie movie with a ‘super 8’ camera. During one of their late night shoots, they witness a catastrophic train wreck that not only threatens their lives but also releases something very dangerous into the small, suburban town of Lillian, Ohio. In the spirit of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET (directed by Steven Spielberg who also produced this), the town is subject to all kinds of unexplainable activity. And like with the movies I just mentioned, a force of implacable government soldiers roll in to quarantine the area. It’s now up to the kids to put this myestery together.

Super 8 takes a bold risk in two areas. First, it is carried on the shoulders of unknown child actors. We have all seen too many movies where kids are painstakingly regurgitating dialogue that was not believable nor endearing. Abrams struck gold with these kids. Focusing on the two best friends and one love interest, you really get a sense that these are real kids. They are foolish, vulnerable, unsure, crazy, adventurous, and full of wonder. While watching, I could help reminisce about similar conversations I had with my group of friends growing up. The camaraderie could be compared to Goonies or Stand By Me. Without the perfect casting, this movie would have failed. It’s also impressive knowing how difficult it is to work with so many young actors who lack experience as well as time because of restrictions placed with minors. There are some tender, heart felt moments between Joe and Alice that has to be some of the best acting among kids I have seen in decades. It’s sweet and natural, which is rare given we live in a uber-modern, High School Musical era.

The second area Super 8 takes risks is attempting to reintroduce a story that has been done in so many of other movies in the past. I can’t go to far into it without spoiling the story. All I can say is that while familiar, it does enough to make this unique. It takes some turns and dabbles in horror/monster genre at times which definitely helps modernize it. Warning, it is pretty intense at times so just because it has kids in it, don’t make the mistake thinking it’s for your younglings. This part really is secondary to the emotional arcs of the main characters. So if you keep that in mind, the lack of development in this part of the story won’t bother you as much.

All in all, Super 8 is a wonderful hybrid of Goonies, Stand By Me, ET, and Close Encounters. It doesn’t come close to doing better than any of those films but they are also all over 20 years old each. You just don’t see movies like this often that capture nostalgia so accurately, while able to thrill a modern day audience. Yes, it’s true that you may have seen all this before but it’s been a long time- and that is saying something about Abrams’ sensibility and artistic craftsmanship. He was clearly inspired by Spielberg and made something that should make his mentor proud.

I have to admit that I am also greatly shaped by my personal experience. I resonated with these kids because they were the same ones that I grew up with. We made models, shot movies, and blew things up. If you didn’t have these same childhood, then Super 8 might not connect with you like it did me. However, I think it will with many; here are what some of my Twitter followers said when asked about it:

An example of how you don’t need gratuitous action, firepower, and special effects to make a heartfelt inspiring summer film” -@A1L33N

Young cast reminded me of the group of kids from “The Monster Squad” great young cast, wasn’t afraid to say $#@%.” -@KTrump

Was A Throwback to The Magic Of Movies! Thrilling, Scary, Funny, Sweet, Exiting Just Awesome Loved It. A Perfect Hybrid Off JJ Abrams Sensibilities and Spielberg Nostalgia!” -@spenmaul

I loved this movie. In fact, I think it is the best movie to come out for this year. While it’s not at the level of ET or Goonies, it did remind me of why I love film so much and love reviewing them. It transported me to a simpler time with simpler friends. While we never had to run for our lives as kids we did had to fight for our hopes and dreams. In reflection, I realized how quickly my childhood passed and how I dearly miss some of those hopes and dreams. Thanks to Super 8, it helped me regain some of that.

I give Super 8 4.5 Babbles out of 5.


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Top 5 J.J. Abrams Remakes

"My paycheck will be THIS big!"

"My paycheck will be THIS big!"

 With the smashing success of his Star Trek reset we think J.J. Abrams should remake some more movies. At Babble On 5 we do things by the 5’s so here we go.

1. Star Wars Episodes 1-3 – I know it’s three movies and hasn’t been out that long, but let’s face it, they sucked. First step? Replacing Hayden Christensen with anybody else with a pulse, even me.

2. Cast Away – Decent enough movie but think of the potential with Abrams’ directing. Strange creatures, smoke monsters and a crashed plane. It’s Lost meets…um… Lost.

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Dull – Another over hyped movie that didn’t live up to its predecessors. The man of mystery can start by not revealing in the first ten minutes the entire secret of the movie.

4. Charlotte’s Web  – Delving into his first animation he remakes this classic movie with a Muppet like Pigs in Space. The big mystery in this one? Just WHAT is that meat they’re eating?

5.  Sex in the City – Following his success with Felicity: The Movie he remakes this HBO favorite, replacing Sarah Jessica Horse-Face Parker with Jennifer Horse –Face Garner. The plot thickens as we discover if she cut her hair or not!

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the secret of a great movie…

With the success of Star Trek, JJ Abrams is now one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. His ability to create compelling drama has been his trademark throughout his career. His creative projects have included LOST, Alias, Mission Impossible III, and Cloverfield. He credits one major theme that has been interwoven in all his movies and TV shows. Check out this great 17 minute video that explains why some movies are successful and why so many others fail.

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J.J. Abrams on Star Trek

This just shows that Abrams has an unbelievable talent for understanding source material yet still able to reach the wider audiences. Abrams once said that audiences have seen what special effects can do. We can produce a cool looking ship, but if we don’t care about the people on that ship then it holds no value for us. It’s just a cool looking ship. McG would benefit greatly by learning from his experience.

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