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The time has come for me to buy my own firefly class spaceship, assemble a rag tag group of people to become my space family, and go on great adventures to see the outer reaches of the universe AND to become the GREATEST SPACE PIRATE OF ALL TIME. And now that I can grow my own produce in space, food will never be a problem again.

Click the jump for a video of the space guys eating space lettuce
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Explore Mars w/ NASA’s Mars Trek

Shhhhh, I know, I know. Comic Con is over and you’re sad-poor baby. Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’ve got something extra cool to soothe those geek pains.

NASA has created an app that is an interactive map for Mars called Mars Trek. Kind of like Google Earth, but on Mars… so like a Google Mars, but called Mars Trek.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.26.50 AM
Anyway, you can view Mars in either 2D or 3D, and can zoom in and out to look at the topography in more detail.

You can even pick out sections of the map and download STL files that you can then load into a 3D printer and print out 3D sections of Mars. WHAAAA?! It’s like it’s the FUTURE!

The entirety of Mars is mapped, mostly through rover data, so go ahead, get to being a Mars explorer.
Go put on your Star Trek uniform, strap on your phaser, pin that electronic starfleet communicator on your shirt, tell your friends to call you Captain Picard, and go where no man has gone before~

And if that doesn’t work…

Here’s a little Linda to put some soothing salve on those ComicCon wounds~
Stay strong nerd brothers and sisters, Comic Con is only a year away~

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