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Wired Cafe at Comic Con

This year, Babbleon5 had the privilege to be invited to Wired Cafe’s Oasis bar during the Con. We were treated with Game of Thrones themed drinks, snacks, and some awesome swag- all while rubbing shoulders with Celebs and Industry professionals. Definitely, a needed break from the Comic Con craziness. More pics after the jump. Continue reading


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POM Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Last night I had a chance to go to a small screening of Morgan Spurlock’s- get ready for this, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (that’s a super sized title!). Known as the documentarian that brought the juggernaut McDonalds to it’s knees, Spurlock is taking on an even a bigger behemoth, the world of advertising. And this David has more than a few stones to knock down Goliath.

The concept is innovative so let me attempt to explain it. This documentary meta-adventure is about the grueling process of making a movie WHILE being the movie at the same time. It’s an attempt to be completely transparent on how movies get made and how sponsorships influence the end product. Spurlock starts with a concept then meets with advertisers, brand developers, consumer specialists, the brands themselves, movie industry leaders, and a lot of every day common consumers. On the Jummy Kimmel show, it is refereed as the ‘Inception’ of documentaries with its world within a world reality. One moment, we are following Spurlock in to pitch a commercial for one of his brands, the next we are seamlessly in the commercial for that product. If you remember Wayne’s World (1992), there was a scene when Wayne and Garth rip on those that ‘sell out’ for product placement while they are simultaneously promoting products. GMES has plenty of similar moments which lead to many laugh-out-loud moments. However, while this movie is filled with creative product placements with POM Wonderful bottles, Hilton Hotels, JetBlue planes, and Mini Coopers, it also has some genuinely thought provoking moments.

GMES raises the continually growing tension of art vs commerce. The delicate balance of when the consumer and brand relationship shifts from symbiotic to parasitic. As a filmmaker and storyteller, Spurlock is really faced with the dilemma of defending artistic integrity. We are forced to ask, is there room for that in this commercialized booming world we live in. My favorite part of GMES is when he visits the Brazilian city of San Paulo. Years ago, city officials banned all public advertisements thus affecting crime and commerce in a positive way. Seeing the images of an ‘ad-free’ city was a little disorienting but inspired me believe that we don’t have to be driven by marketing. San Paulo gave me hope that we might someday live in a world with no commercials on TV, pop up ads on websites, or billboards on the streets. It asks the question of who is in control of who? More importantly, Spurock casts a vision for a human centered existence free of visual clutter and pollution.

As with Super Size Me and Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden, Spurlock presents the material in a witty and compelling style. Without diluting the seriousness of the issue, he is able to poke fun at his own expense. His all immersive approach of storytelling gives him the credibility to speak into the subject instead of throwing rocks at it from afar. Unlike pessimistic filmmakers like Michael Moore, Spurlock comes off as a genuinely likable guy. He is an everyday guy with a world challenging vision.

I had no real issues with the movie except that it might not appeal to certain demographics. Having a design/advertising degree and having worked as an Art Director in the past, GMES was extremely relevant to me. Living in a fast food dependent culture is what made Super Size Me enormously successful. However, while GMES might not have that same level of appeal, it is executed at a level that surpasses all of his previous works.

So the question remains, after all the product placement during the movie, did it really affect me as a viewer? Well, by the end of it, I was dying to have a POM Wonderful (for the first time), which I thoroughly enjoyed as shown in the picture below with the man himself.

I give Greatest Movie Ever Sold a 4 Babbles out of 5:

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The Greatest TEDTalk Ever Sold

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Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope

Director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) Tweeted this image from San Diego just a few hours ago. His newest project, Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, will chronical the lives of several uber fans of Comic Con. These are some great ‘behind the scenes’ pic as they plan their attack on capturing this mega event. So if you are at Comic Con, the film crews will be running around all week long so keep you eye out for them. If you are lucky, you might be able to get some screen time and share your love for the popular arts!

Spurlock’s first tweet: “Filming started today … You can cut the excitement in San Diego with a light saber!”

Spurlock later Tweeted: “In the thick of the doc war room: me, producer Matthew Galkin and Elyse Sara. So calm here – 4 now”

Another Tweet by Spurlock: “Producer Matt Galkin making his “dreamy” face – I’ll be representing the WV today”

You can read more about the documentary here or watch some of the audition reels here.

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Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden

Over Fourth of July weekend, I watched Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden (2008). This clever documentary was written and directed by Oscar nominated, documentary extraordinaire, Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me). On the eve of his first baby’s birth, Spurlock decides to answer the burning question we’ve all been asking ourselves since 911, where is Mr Bin Laden? Initially motivated by wanting to create a safer world for his future child, this documentary dives deep in the world of the average middle easterner as we learn about their hopes, dreams, pains, and problems. It’s a fun and serious view at the root of what is troubling our relations with the enigmatic and often misunderstood part of the world. In a culture that seems so far away, I discovered many familiar sentiments and emotion as these so-called ‘enemies of the west’ shared from the heart. This is a movie of hope as it helps to understand who IS and more importantly, who IS NOT the enemy. Production level is high, it’s creatively shot, and the pace is brisk (unlike many docs). This entertaining, educating, and definitely worth a rental.You can also watch it free on Hulu.

I give this a 4 out of 5 Babbles

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Tony’s Audition for the Comic Con Documentary

As a proud Babbler and total nerd, I am auditioning for the upcoming documentary on Comic Con called Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope. It is being shot on location this year. The purpose of the doc is to follow around a few Comic Con fanatics as they are immersed in the amazing four day experience. Being produced by the legendary Stan Lee and visionary creative Joss Whedon, this documentary is sure to honor the ‘nerd arts’ and capture the spirit of the annual Comic Con. It is also being directed by talented storyteller Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me. My dream is to highlight BabbleOn 5 and share our team’s passion for the best event of the year- the San Diego Comic Con.
Show your support by clicking on this YouTube vid and leaving a positive comment. Thank you!

Learn more about the documentary on Morgan Spurlock’s page.


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Comic Con and Morgan Spurlock wants you!

Are you headed to 2010 Comic-Con® International in San Diego? Do you die for diehard fandom? Do you pine over Chris Pine, other Captain Kirks, or have firsthand knowledge of who is the ultimate Bruce Wayne? Is your Lost Ark a long lost collectible, an original edition comic book, a need to be the first in line at a sneak peak of Green Lantern, or to understand the ultimate and undeniable power of Akira?! Are you the original inspiration for comic book guy? Is your collection the biggest? Is your costume the best? Is your dream to propose to your girlfriend and give her the one ring to rule them all? Are you an artist who is showing off your work? A vendor showing off your amazing collection?
If you are any of these things, then we want to hear your story.
Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, producer Thomas Tull, comic book icon Stan Lee, writer/producer Joss Whedon, and film guru Harry Knowles have joined together to bring audiences the feature-length documentary COMIC-CON® EPISODE FOUR: A FANS HOPE – a documentary celebration of all things con-tastic!

We are looking to cast original, eccentric, funny, touching, and mildly obsessive people that will capture the excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and passion of comic book, anime, sci-fi, and fantasy lovers everywhere.

If Comic-Con® International will be the highlight of your year and you have a story to share about your passion, let us know. Join the fellowship, take part in this epic documentary, and write us at “ComicConDoc@gmail.com”. Include your name, phone number, a picture, and tell us your story.

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