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If you loved old monster movies from the 1930s and 1950s, TITANO is right up your alley. A short tribute film directed by Ben Chavda and starring Irwin Keyes, TITANO is a look into the life of an old character actor who is able to play the role of a lifetime in a surprising turn of events. Endearing and slightly melancholy, the short is a wonderful tribute, and even more poignant as Irwin Keyes died shortly after filming was completed.


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It Might Get Blogged..

We will can never measure the amount of coolness in this picture.

We will can never measure the amount of coolness in this picture.

Here is a look at a new documentary coming out titled “It Might Get Loud.” It is a rockumentary starring the legendary music icons Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. Rather than document their individual lives and accomplishments, the film attempts to show how music is made through their eyes, how they hear things and show the thought process behind their creations. As an avid music lover (I love all three of the represented bands) I am totally down for this film. Regardless if you are a fan of their particular music or not, this film could still interest you. These guys represent the height of creative achievement and musical excellence and I think anyone who has an interest in the creative process would probably enjoy it.

I also happened to note it opens in L.A. and N.Y. in August and since I live near one of those two, hopefully I can catch it early on.  The only thing that might make this film better would be if we could get another legendary rock star in on it, the one and only Weird Al Yankovic. I kid, I kid, but looking at music through his eyes could be interesting. However, then they would have to name the film “It Might Get Weird” which just doesn’t sound as cool.


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