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New Thorium Engine out to Screw Big Oil… WITH its pants ON


The crazy Connecticut… ians? are the source of a Thorium Powered Car that only needs to be refueled once a century. WHAT?! Laser Power Systems have developed an engine powered by the incredibly dense material known as Thorium.

Thorium is so dense that according to Charles Stevens (CEO) “one gram yields more energy than 7, 396 gallons of gasoline, and 8 grams would power the typical car for a century.”

For the actual article with all the sciencey stuff click HERE

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Want a fake car for the price of a real house?

Here’s a Racing Simulator created by Hammacher Schlemmer touted to be the most realistic racing simulator, and it can ALL be yours for the paltry price of $185,000.

Buy your own HERE
ooooor… be a responsible human being and pay your rent.

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