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The Taken King live gameplay from Bungie!!

Check it out on Bungie’s twitch channel TODAY at 2pm EST

HURRY CLICK HERE to get to their channel before it’s too late!!


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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Coming in SEPTEMBER!!!

Click the Jump for a couple more videos to tide you over until then…
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Robot makes robot babies-NOOOO!!!

Did we learn NOTHING from the Matrix?

Cambridge’s Department of Engineering has built a ‘mother robot’ that has the ability to create, test, and improve her ‘baby robots’.

Click the jump for more on the experiment, including a video of the robot in action.
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Doping Video Games

Remember a couple weeks ago when Babble reported on the performance enhancing drugs scandal of the eSport arena? Remember how it sounded riiiiidiculous? Well, it’s actually THIS serious. Check the vid for a really awesome explanation by @hingers… don’t get distracted by the aussie accent coming from his cute asian face though. LISTEN TO HIS WORDS.

But Kory Friesen, I thought you didn’t care! Why the retraction?!

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Westworld Trailer-What the FRACK is happening?

So… there’s this….

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Stop Raiding my Pockets! YOU GAME PIRATES!

Microsoft has announced that they will be focusing their investments on first party games (like Halo), rather than third party games (like Call of Duty). What does that mean? It means that Microsoft will be trying to develop a large, xbox exclusive, repertoire of games, so that you and I will HAVE to buy the Xbox ONE console in order to play them.

Hit the jump for more on the announcement and a video of some of the exclusive features of Xbox ONE.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer

AUGH! I loved the first Mirror’s Edge (something about an asian WOMAN being a kick ass protagonist of a video game makes me feel at home) and Catalyst looks even more heart pumpingly THRILLING! So, hey friends! Better get all your Mina time in NOW because in 7 months you won’t see ANY OF HER! Mina, you don’t have any friends. Ok… well… then… PROBLEM SOLVED YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!

Check the jump for the trailer
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Holy shit, this thing works better than I thought possible! Lexus has released video of pro skaters riding their hoverboard for the first time. DUDE! Check the vid below… hooo but watching it glide seamlessly from pavement to over water… ::shivers;: I’m not too proud to admit that a little wee came out when I saw that.

Hold your pee and check it out~

The future is HERE B*TCHES!

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ERMAGAWD it’s like TOTALLY Amy Poehler’s new show! And it’s about science!

Do you like totally love science, but are like totally bummed because you’re like a total uberlicious sexy girl and can’t like wrap your head around all that sciencey stuff? WELL, here’s a show for like YOU!


Amy Poehler and Megan Amram (comedian and writer on “Parks and Rec”) have teamed up to bring you Experimenting with Megan Amram. It’s rife with satire about women in science and technology as well as loads of ACTUAL science. It’s geared toward girls, which is awesome and it looks like it’ll be hilarious. Also, you’ll want to punch Megan Amram in the face… BUT in a good way.

Check the jump for the first episode and the link to the website for the show.

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New Supergirl Trailer

aaand Trailer #2… New Supergirl Trailer, with about 10 seconds of new footage~

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New Fargo 2 Trailer

It’s gonna be a day of trailers and weird news.

So here’s trailer number 1…. The new Fargo 2 Trailer~

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Adult Science Fair-with prizes!

Geekwire is holding its summit again this year-calling for all ‘geeky inventors’ to apply and pitch their inventions. So if you’re one of those never-leaves-my-house-except-to-go-to-the-hardware-store-and-swap-meets kind of person and is probably working on some sort of nuclear reactor in your backyard THIS is, probably the only, place for your to shine.

check out the link HERE for all the deets.

Just know that this is one of the only place you will ever be validated for all those hundreds of hours you’ve spent alone in your garage dreaming up useless things… so you better make the trip out. Good luck tributes, and may the odds be ever in your favor~ YOU NERDS!

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