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Best Political Ad you will EVER SEE

No words. Shhhhhh… just watch it.

If I was Canadian, he would get MY vote.


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SDCC High’s and Low

"Okay, I totally geeked out when I met Danny,"

Well dear Babblers, another great Great Con has come and gone again and now we have to figure out how to get on with our lives without. My best bet is to keep talking about it for as long as possible, at least, until next years’ gets closer. More in depth and thoughtful analysis to follow but here are some brief high’s and low’s.

High’s – Game of Thrones panel, Conan O’Brien (almost met him!), trolling the sales floor, trying to get gold bricks to see Cowboys and Aliens, Action Chicks Party,  meeting “cool” people ( I know cool isn’t a normal adjective for us nerds.)Meeting Adam Baldwin and Danny Pudi, hanging with friends. I am sure that the Community Panel and Chuck panel would have been on my list but I missed them!

Low’s- Missing Community/Chuck panel, not a lot of great movie panels, missing the Geek Girls party Friday night, sitting through the Covert Affairs and The Knights of Badassdom panels. (The cast is great but the director wouldn’t shut up and most questions went to Summer Glau, whom you know we love.) Comic Con ending so quickly.

That being said, while I didn’t think the panel line up was as strong as it was in the past, I enjoyed this one more then most. Hanging with our CON-tourage was fun, and I met some new people, some of who may post on here. We spent more time doing extra events in the Gaslamp and there just seemed to be more going on after hours wise. I also slept in and didn’t tire myself out like I used too!

So fair Babblers, let us know your thoughts and high’s and low’s. We would love to hear from you. All in all I would I would give this SDCC 5 babbles.

Rating for Amadeus


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