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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer

AUGH! I loved the first Mirror’s Edge (something about an asian WOMAN being a kick ass protagonist of a video game makes me feel at home) and Catalyst looks even more heart pumpingly THRILLING! So, hey friends! Better get all your Mina time in NOW because in 7 months you won’t see ANY OF HER! Mina, you don’t have any friends. Ok… well… then… PROBLEM SOLVED YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!

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FEAR the Walking Dead Trailer

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“Alien” Prequel in the works!

Alien 6

Variety has reported that there is an Alien prequel is in the works. Now normally this would fill me with fear and dread at the prospect of one of Sci-Fi’s most beloved franchises being demeaned even further but there is hope yet! 20th Century Fox has also announced that the original director Ridley Scott will also be directing the prequel! Huzzah! I am already in line for this one.

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