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Realizer (app)

Here’s a new way to design layout for iOS app (or fool your friends into thinking you have your own app). Check out Realizer at http://realizerapp.com/.

You create an account (id/pw) and you can create a mock up of an app.

You can add screens (320×480 images) and add ‘links’ – select what image to go to when it’s tapped (drop down list).

I made one for b5 in about 5 minutes including creating an account, capturing the images from the site and edits, etc.

Then you download the app, log in and tap the name of your app in the list.

The first page shows up. The ‘link’ on that page is the image and ‘Enter’ text which, when tapped, loads the second page (an image of the About Us from this site).

Pretty easy – I’d post the id/pw I used so you could get the app and see it for yourself, but I don’t trust you rascals. Check it out and see if you can do some April Fool’s jokes on people that you created your own app! Post details in the comments.

I plan on using this for my clients (brainwashinc.com – iOS development) when applicable along w/ mockapp.com which I have recommended to clients ever since I heard of it… I can’t remember – a while back.

They’ve got some room to grow with it in adding landscape support, animation for the navigation would be nice, auto-scaling images would be helpful, etc. but it’s quick, easy and does the job (I see it as a quick view into what your app will look like). I’d also like a ‘viewer’ option – allow others to view the output w/o needing the id/pw.

I give it 4 babbles:

<img src=”https://babbleon5.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/ratings4of5.jpg?w=122&h=22″&gt;


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