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Star Trek Cruise


Hosted by William Shatner?! With members of the Captain Kirk’s enterprise crew?! Can you wait until January 2017? Holy Shiznit… this is going to be teeeeeerrible, but I want to go.

Check out their itinerary:
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.35.15 PM

Click HERE to make your reservation.


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New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

As we creep ever so closely to the May 17th release date- more and more images of the new Star Trek movie are coming out- and it is looking better and better each time. This may take the franchise where no Star Trek movie has gone before!

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Star Trek Into Darkness #2

Another AMAZING trailer has been released for the new JJ Abrams highly anticipated Trek adventure. This one takes more of a humorous and personal approach which was missing from the first awesomely action packed trailer. It’s great to see Kirk up to his rebellious shenanigans with his failthful crew following their Captain’s lead. I can’t decide which movie I am more excited for- this one or Man of Steel. Each new trailer puts either movie in the lead in my conflicted mind. Either way, I will be their for opening night of both eagerly hoping for my world to be rocked. What do you think of this new trailer?

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Star Trek Into Darkness teaser

It’s been a long 4 years, but we finally get a look at JJ Abrams highly anticipated sequel to the rebooted Star Trek. In my opinion, the new Star Trek franchise is one of the few reboot/re-start/re-imagining that surpassed expectations at every level- and I am saying this as a HARDCORE Trekkie. Even though 4 years has been a long time in cinema terms, I’m glad that JJ took his time with it instead of rushing a ‘McMovie’ out to make a buck. Apparently from to this teaser, this Star Trek adventures seems to be much different than it’s predecessors- which is a good thing. We’ll be getting a longer version on Dec 17th so keep your hailing frequencies open. What are your thoughts?

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Star Trek: Into Darkness First Poster


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by | December 4, 2012 · 11:52 am

A movie fan poll:


When it was first announced that JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel would hit the theaters in 2013, I was elated. Then when it was announced that a special 9-minute preview would be released in front of The Hobbit IMAX, I was going plain bananas- and immediately started making plans to seeing it there. However, upon further thought, I started to reconsider this decision. Even though I loved seeing both the Dark Knight and DKR previews, I do think it took away from the impact when seeing their respective films. I love Star Trek more than anything so I am in a dilemma if I should see this preview since it’s my highest anticipated film for next year. What do you think? Do you like to see these extended previews or do you avoid them? Thanks for your vote!


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The Next Generation on Blu-ray

From J.J. Abrams confirming his return to helm ‘Star Trek 2’ to this recent announcement of ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Blu-ray, there might a few nerds out there wetting themselves. 178 episodes in high-definition 1080p, with 7.1 DTS Master Audio. What self respecting Trekkie wouldn’t?

The quote at the end is a bit laughable though.

‘It’s your first taste of the next generation of the next generation’

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Top 5 J.J. Abrams Remakes

"My paycheck will be THIS big!"

"My paycheck will be THIS big!"

 With the smashing success of his Star Trek reset we think J.J. Abrams should remake some more movies. At Babble On 5 we do things by the 5’s so here we go.

1. Star Wars Episodes 1-3 – I know it’s three movies and hasn’t been out that long, but let’s face it, they sucked. First step? Replacing Hayden Christensen with anybody else with a pulse, even me.

2. Cast Away – Decent enough movie but think of the potential with Abrams’ directing. Strange creatures, smoke monsters and a crashed plane. It’s Lost meets…um… Lost.

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Dull – Another over hyped movie that didn’t live up to its predecessors. The man of mystery can start by not revealing in the first ten minutes the entire secret of the movie.

4. Charlotte’s Web  – Delving into his first animation he remakes this classic movie with a Muppet like Pigs in Space. The big mystery in this one? Just WHAT is that meat they’re eating?

5.  Sex in the City – Following his success with Felicity: The Movie he remakes this HBO favorite, replacing Sarah Jessica Horse-Face Parker with Jennifer Horse –Face Garner. The plot thickens as we discover if she cut her hair or not!

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J.J. Abrams on Star Trek

This just shows that Abrams has an unbelievable talent for understanding source material yet still able to reach the wider audiences. Abrams once said that audiences have seen what special effects can do. We can produce a cool looking ship, but if we don’t care about the people on that ship then it holds no value for us. It’s just a cool looking ship. McG would benefit greatly by learning from his experience.

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Leadership from the 23rd Century


star trek02

I enjoyed a weekend of watching Star Trek not once but twice. It’s been over 15 years since the valiant crew of the original Starship Enterprise had sought out new life forms and civilizations. It was worth the wait. It is sure to please both long time faithful Trekker as well as new ‘Trek-verts’. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry there are no spoilers. But, I would recommend reading my earlier blog: Star Trek: Mission Impossible.

JJ Abrams vision was to retrace the origins of Kirk, Spock, and the crew as they not only discover their new home aboard the venerable Enterprise, but reclaim their place in the pop culture universe. As fun and exciting as the movie was, I really gleaned some valuable insights in regards to creative leadership. While the people, places, and scenarios were far from reality, I believe there were some very real lessons that could impact how we lead in the church.

As I watched each of the legendary characters come to life, I noticed something common among Kirk, Spock, and the rest- they were all foolish leaders. Not negatively, but in a way that made them daring, reckless, impulsive, and bold. Kirk was a desperate leader, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The particular exchange that stood out in my mind was when he was imploring Spock to pursue the enemy verses regrouping with the rest of the fleet. He said ‘we have to be unpredictable if we are going to survive’. The establishment will always play it safe. The majority always wants predictable and manageable results. In conservative minds, risk is bad and should be avoided. Whether you are trying to save a starship, a business, or a church, the creative leaders think differently.
You should be more concerned with movement rather than destination. You should think more about the edges of the bell curve instead of the middle mass. You may not be certain of what will work but you are certain of what won’t.

Lesson #1: Foolish leadership is thinking as the minority in order to save the majority.   

Foolish leadership won’t make you popular and it will probably get you ejected onto a frozen planet, but no one said that the creative process was easy. Original thinking comes at a high cost and can be a very lonely road. It’s a burden that only a few can bear. Like James T Kirk, you have to believe that you were saved for a special purpose. Living foolishly is the road to discovering it.

Another aspect of creative leadership I noticed from the crew of the Enterprise was the benefit of conflict. This may sound counter intuitive, but healthy teams fight. They push each other. They challenge and test the validity of creative ideas. Leaders should be passionate, and passionate leaders get into conflicts- not over each other but over concepts, values, and processes. A team that does not regularly engage in ideological debates is not experiencing its full potential.
Lesson #2: When everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking at all.

Don’t strive to remove conflict within your teams. Should we be whipping out phasers, fist fighting or giving the ‘Vulcan nerve pinch’ to opposing teammate? Of course not. However, learn the art of cultivating healthy conflict among your team. Allow for tension and challenge. Creative leaders like to push and be pushed. For a team, conflict is not a sign of weakness but great strength.

I know Star Trek is just a movie with carefully scripted circumstances. Real life is messy and problems can’t be resolved in 2 hours with a tub of popcorn. Movies are like parables; they are stories to glean wisdom from and to remind us of how to live lives. The adventures of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise serve to inspire us to lead creatively and courageously even in the midst of pain and discomfort. I have a feeling that the crew that Jesus led fought, challenged, and acted foolishly quite a bit. For them it was about movement not destination. Let’s do the same and discover the final frontier as foolish leaders.

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Star Trek: Mission Impossible


This is my ‘pre-blog’ blog about the new Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams. I wanted to write some thoughts down before I see this highly anticipated movie. Don’t worry no spoilers here.

I have been a huge Star Trek fan since a little boy. I remember seeing the first feature film, Star Trek the Motion Picture (what kind of title was that?) when I was 9. Ever since then, I have been a diehard Trekkie, Trekker, Trekko, or whatever you want to call it. Star Trek has had an amazing first run. Its franchise includes 5 TV series, 10 movies, and countless novels, comics, and other paraphernalia.  It has a huge cult following and has firmly rooted itself into pop culture lore. However, after 40 years of success, the sci-fi phenom seemed to be boldly going nowhere. Because of outdated and overdone story lines, the great starship Enterprise seemed destined to be permanently dry-docked into the DVD collections of the hardcore Trek nerd.

Only an audacious director like JJ Abrams would be bold enough to take on this ‘mission impossible’ 23rd century mantel. As writer, producer, director, and composer, JJ Abrams has a long list of credits to include Felicity, Alias, Lost, MI III, and Cloverfield. Even as successful as Abrams has been, who in their right mind would tackle such a HUGE undertaking of a reviving a dead behemoth like Star Trek? There seems like no way he will be able to please both existing hardcore fans and attract new ones as well. So what’s the key for this impossible mission? It’s re-invention.


As a creative leader, Abrams vision is to go back to the origins of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise and tell their untold story all over again. It’s going to be a hybrid of the old and new. It will be something that will honor and forget the past all at the same time- hopefully in a more relevant and compelling way. I admire him for ‘boldly going where only one man (Roddenberry) had gone before’. My guess is that this will be a great beginning and future for Star Trek universe. As the ‘master of mystery’, Abrams will most likely satisfy the diehards and win over new ‘Trek-verts’ with this single attempt.

Creative leadership often times calls us to re-invent. We don’t get the luxury of always creating from raw untapped materials. A large part of a creative leader’s effectiveness is taking what was done before and re-working it to be new again. Creativity is taking the best parts, stripping away the irrelevant, boring, or unnecessary to make a new and improved version. Whether it’s a product, church service, music, or website, the ‘mission impossible’ for creative leaders is re-invention. The ability to re-create is just as profound as producing original work, and just as satisfying. There is something very powerful in the ac of redemption.


So in a day I will be fully immersed in the 23rd century world painted by JJ Abrams. My hope is that it’s much more than an isolated 2 hours of entertainment but the beginning of another 40 year run. More thought’s after I see the movie, I gotta go dust off my ST uniform…

Ps. I would recommend watching Star Trek II in order to fully appreciate and prepare for this movie.

 Click here to read my other post with Abrams about the mystery box and the church.

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Star Trek Trailer

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