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Hold on to your Jedi panties-Guy makes real life light saber!

Allen Pan, also known as WIZARD and JEDI MASTER Allen Pan, has used all of his jedi (read as electrical engineering) education to create this wonderment… this beauty… this WET dream come true for all nerdom EVERYWHERE! Allen Pan has created a real working light saber.


Ok… so the saber is more the size of a fencer’s foil, but it even makes the SOUND EFFECTS!!!

Check the build and a 3 min video HERE and wear a diaper just in case a little wee comes out. OR just don’t wear pants (that’s what I do!)


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Robot makes robot babies-NOOOO!!!

Did we learn NOTHING from the Matrix?

Cambridge’s Department of Engineering has built a ‘mother robot’ that has the ability to create, test, and improve her ‘baby robots’.

Click the jump for more on the experiment, including a video of the robot in action.
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iPhone Dev Conference: 360iDev

I haven’t been to ComicCon – my version of this is 360iDev. We don’t have super heroes… well, we kinda do. We have saurik (Jay Freeman)!
Jay gave a great talk to wrap up the conference. It was about jailbreaking – what it’s all about and not about. It was fairly eyeopening to me because I haven’t had much reason to look into it and was fairly ignorant to what it is.
Jailbreaking is not pirating apps. It’s not really apps at all. It’s opening up the device to customizing parts of the OS that Apple doesn’t normally allow. Consider having an email/phone/SMS/etc. summary as your lock screen instead of just an image.
Cydia is the appstore and it’s mostly apps that aren’t allowed in the Apple appstore. But they aren’t pirated apps.
We also have Mike Lee who gave a great talk on developing quality apps. And while not a pirate, he dressed as one…

He made some great points about how “the crap market is full.”
David Whatley opened the conference with a great keynote about work environment all around: mentally, physically, performance, etc. Great info on ROWE and the Dan Pink talk animated by RSA Animate that I’ve always loved. Must watch.
But the greatest thing about 360iDev is the people and the presenters which are the people. It’s great to watch people present and then hang out with them for a few days (or vice versa). It’s great to talk with people doing what you do, doing what you want to do or wanting to do what you do. It’s an awesome community of support and encouragement.
Unlike WWDC, 360iDev is small which, to me, is it’s power. You get to know people. You attend presentations by people who have been where you are… and they want to help. Also because it’s small, there aren’t tons of separate parties spread across a city. There’s one party every night, everyone is invited and pretty much everyone goes. Free food, beer and Rock Band – geek heaven.
On top of all that, it’s cheap (compared to most conferences) and therefore extremely valuable for what you get. I have serious doubts if I’ll go to WWDC next year although I feel like I somewhat “have to go.” But I will do what I can to make sure I make it to 360iDev wherever it is next.


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