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Take a Look at Michael Fassbender’s Assassin

Look, we all know that video game movies generally leave something (or a few things) to be desired.  But we here at BabbleOn5 think that they’re just an Iron Man (2008) away from taking off as Hollywood’s next big genre film.

Hopefully leading that charge is 2016’s Assassin’s Creed, starring X-Men actor Michael Fassbender.  The dude killed it as a younger Magneto, and he’s proven time and time again that he is quite the talented actor.


Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch’s ancestor Aguilar. He certainly looks the part.

Assassin’s Creed has developed in to one of gamings top franchises over the years, creating some pretty fascinating characters along the way.  However, Fassbender won’t be playing any of them.  Instead, he’ll be playing an original character for the movies:  Callum Lynch (doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as Assassin’s Creed II’s Ezio Auditore).

Yahoo has a bit more on the subject, “Fassbender’s character was created specifically for the film. (The movie isn’t retelling any of the existing games, but rather introducing new characters into the same world.) Lynch discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society through unlocked genetic memories that allow him to relive the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. After gaining incredible knowledge and skills he’s poised to take on the oppressive Knights Templar in the present day.”

Yahoo also noted that filming begins this coming Monday at locations that include: Malta, London, and Spain.  Assassin’s Creed also stars Marion Cotillard, Michael Kenneth Williams, Ariane Labed, and is directed by Justin Kurzel.  The film will hit theaters on December 21st, 2016.


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HALO Fashionista

Ever wanted to feel as though you went through Master Chief training? Feel as though you’ve earned the right to strut with your chest high with a hard look in your eye, that says that you’ve been through hell and are more badass than anyone else could hope to be?

Well, here’s the first step toward making that happen. Yeah~ You can start dressing like you live in the Halo Universe… since, you know, it’s not real.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.57.53 AM

Check the online store HERE. It ain’t cheap though. So better ask mom for an advance on your allowance… for the next three years.

They also have an Assassin’s Creed collection HERE.

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Doping Video Games

Remember a couple weeks ago when Babble reported on the performance enhancing drugs scandal of the eSport arena? Remember how it sounded riiiiidiculous? Well, it’s actually THIS serious. Check the vid for a really awesome explanation by @hingers… don’t get distracted by the aussie accent coming from his cute asian face though. LISTEN TO HIS WORDS.

But Kory Friesen, I thought you didn’t care! Why the retraction?!

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Buy a Video Game-Save the World

Ok… that’s a bit dramatic, but in seriousness, the video game industry has been struggling. The cost to make a truly revolutionary and beautiful game has skyrocketed, which has caused graphics companies and video game studios to drop like flies-despite great sales and accolades. (Reference to Irrational Games shutting down. Find article HERE) And for a time it seemed bleak-as though the future of this industry and of this art form (BECAUSE IT IS an art form MOM!) was going to be driven purely by what one could make for cheap without substance or form or depth. BUT It seems that the tide might be turning a bit.

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Make your Zombie Survival Plan… or you know… die and start over

Walking Dead escapist survival game is coming soon. GREAT because I have my ideas which are well thought out and researched… but you know… not tested, because it’s not like I’m a millionaire that can go off and test possible post-apocalyptic ideas on a whim, mostly because Steve won’t give me the month and a half off WITH pay… how am I supposed to pay rent while I’m off in the woo- I mean… um… super secret bunk-I mean in the dess-… I mean… nevermind, I didn’t say anything.


Full article below

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The VOID = Console Killer?… Gaming will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

4 words Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.44.49 AM

no, I did not stutter. Watch the whole video below and get ready to burn through your life savings.


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Review of the PS3

Here at BabbleOn we don’t do a lot of video game related reviews but we do babble about it on occasion. Believing that video games are a an essential part of any growing boy’s (and some girl’s) diet, we wanted to share our thoughts on the pop culture phenom known as the PS3.

Big thanks to Bear for this great review:

My Specs:
Electronics today can do WAY too many things. When we were having our first baby I asked a friend (one that really knows his stuff) which video camera I should get. He immediately told me about one that did “everything.” It sounded great, but I knew from (growing) experience that a camera that does everything usually costs more and I’m probably only going to use the basic features so I’m paying extra for nothing.

Instead I decided to get a camera that did what I wanted well. Actually, I got a digital still camera that took video, had a large LCD display, long battery life and took pictures quickly after being turned on (I tested that in the store). It also shot video – all-in-one, fairly good price, video out for slide-shows on TV – done.

So that’s how I try to make a lot of my purchases these days – what will I really use, what’s really important to me and what is the cost? The extra features cost extra money, take extra time and probably won’t be used. This all means I’m buying not on the specs of the device, but the specs of me.

It’s like buying a car – we don’t all get the same car b/c “it’s the best.” We get the best car for us with some degree of preference in there: looks, color, style, power, etc.

What I Wanted:

So when I wanted to get a blu-ray player I wanted one that had:
– good upconvert for DVDs
– good blu-ray player
– built-in wifi
– software updates via wifi
– played Netflix
– various other options like webbrowser, other video playing, pics, music, connect to other computers, etc.

I did what I tend to do these days when I wanted suggestions: research. Wait, no, not research – I posted the question on Facebook. Why do the research that dozens of people I know have already done.

I got the suggestion of PS3 from 3 different people and no other devices were mentioned. I read about it a little, but pretty quickly decided that was the best option and looked around for a good deal. When I found one, I bought it.


So here’s my thoughts on the PS3 from a personal perspective as opposed to a technical one. I like it. How’s that?

It has a good interface, plays DVDs/blu-rays great and has all other other features I wanted. It connects easily to my other computers to play music and show pics. Plays Netflix well (and w/o the need of a disc in the next couple of months though the disc isn’t bad). And since it has a webbrowser I can hit other sites like Pandora for music. I have hulu+ but you have to get the PS3 online subscription for that which I haven’t done. Once hulu+ is released to the public, I don’t think you’ll need the PS3 subscription.

I hear it plays games too, but I haven’t done that yet.

The blu-ray remote is bluetooth which is cool so you can use it from wherever w/o line-of-sight, but you can’t program that into (most) universal remotes. I plugged in an old USB keyboard for the web browser and it worked immediately.

So it’s a great device – like having a computer hooked up to your TV in a lot of ways… but not drivers, updates, Windows, etc. to worry about… and it boots faster.

I wish it had more players like hulu, Amazon video, etc. and played videos from the other computers in the house (I think it does, but I haven’t got mine in the right formats so…). So it’s not perfect and I won’t say it’s cheap, but it’s probably the best solution w/ the least work that I know of.

I give it a 4.5 Babbles out of 5

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