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Stop Raiding my Pockets! YOU GAME PIRATES!

Microsoft has announced that they will be focusing their investments on first party games (like Halo), rather than third party games (like Call of Duty). What does that mean? It means that Microsoft will be trying to develop a large, xbox exclusive, repertoire of games, so that you and I will HAVE to buy the Xbox ONE console in order to play them.

Hit the jump for more on the announcement and a video of some of the exclusive features of Xbox ONE.

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Buy a Video Game-Save the World

Ok… that’s a bit dramatic, but in seriousness, the video game industry has been struggling. The cost to make a truly revolutionary and beautiful game has skyrocketed, which has caused graphics companies and video game studios to drop like flies-despite great sales and accolades. (Reference to Irrational Games shutting down. Find article HERE) And for a time it seemed bleak-as though the future of this industry and of this art form (BECAUSE IT IS an art form MOM!) was going to be driven purely by what one could make for cheap without substance or form or depth. BUT It seems that the tide might be turning a bit.

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Titanfall Gets a Release Date

New developer Respawn Entertainment has finally set a release date for Titanfall.  Oh, and it looks AMAZING.  This titan drops March 11, 2014.  Mark your calendars, folks.  This one is going to be the reason you want an Xbox One.  You can check out my previous article about why the One is the choice for shooters here (although some speculate it may only be a timed exclusive), or you can just watch the trailer below and experience just how sick this exclusive game is going to be.  If you can’t tell, this is the next gen game I’ve been waiting for!

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