Comic Con Quickies…Random Thoughts and jokes

There is so much to do at SDCC and I have so many thoughts about it that I decided it was easier to just write some quick hits. So for your pleasure, here they are!

– I was really disappointed to find that the Castle panel had nothing to do with actual castles…apparently it is a TV show.

-Whenever people go up to panels to ask questions they say things like, “Hey Nathan Fillion, I loved you in Firefly etc..” Everybody loves the stars in their best work, but what about their not so great work? I am going to start complementing shows they did that weren’t good. I was inspired to do this during the Ringer panel with Sarah Michelle Geller, everybody kept saying they loved her in Buffy. I wanted to tell her…”Hey Sarah, I loved you in Scooby Doo, your best work to date.”

-My other option is to say I loved them in a movie/show they weren’t in. “Hey Sarah Michelle Geller, I loved you in Scream.”

Shark Week definitely DOES not refer to the guys trying to meet girls at Comic Con.

– Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)  was seriously buzzed at SDCC..then again, so was I.

– Summer Glau, whom you know we love (dare we mock her again) was in the Knights of Badassdom panel, I wanted to ask her, “Summer, how did you role in The Cape prepare you for this role?” Yes, make a joke of their failures.

-Knights of Badassdom is about LARPers- Live Action Role Players – I am not one to judge, considering my nerdy interest, but you can’t get much deeper in the nerd pool then LARP. Many actual LARP’ers were used as extra’s in the film. I wanted to ask the panel, “What was the LARPers response upon encountering women for the first time?”

-BTW – Knights of Badassdom – Worst panel ever. I had high hopes for it, the cast is great, but the director wouldn’t shut up and let them talk and it was obvious he was over selling the movie, and heavy metal music.

Game of Thrones is also what happens after a couple of days of convention food. Alternately, it gives new meaning to the Gaslamp quarter….okay how about CONstipation…I will stop here.

– I hate the same old, boring, stupid questions….”What was it like to work with this person?” What do you expect them to say, “Oh, it was horrible, I am never working with that no talent hack again?”  I also hate the question, “How did this past role prepare you for this role?”  Truth is, from what I have heard, most roles don’t prepare you for a future role, you just get in there, embrace your role and act. (Of course there are some exceptions.)

-If you thought the Exhibit Hall had some stank to it you needed to go wait in line pick up your badge at the Town and Country…smelt like a Jawa crawled up and died somewhere.

-Gaslamp Quarter – I really enjoyed the Gaslamp this year. In the past couple of years they have really started to push events outside of the convention itself. Lots going on, NERDHQ, Coco Moca Art Gallery, Southpark set up etc. and TONS of after parties, was almost more fun the convention itself.  I met a couple of people who didn’t have SDCC passes but just went to enjoy the scene outside of it.

– If you see Cowboys and Aliens at midnight is it Midnight Cowboys and Aliens?  Look it up you none cinephiles.

– I found it highly ironic I had trouble finding the Lost panel.

-If I get another 5:00 A.M. tweet from Team Coco I am switching to Jimmy Kimmel

Well that about wraps up all my bad jokes for now. I’m sure I will think of more though!



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3 responses to “Comic Con Quickies…Random Thoughts and jokes

  1. If and when I meet Jon Favreau, I’m going to tell him I loved his 6 episode stint on FRIENDS.

    There was a LOST panel? We have to go back!!!!

  2. Lost wasn’t anything major but I think it was on Friday…. Sadly I didn’t think of the Sarah Michelle comment until the Q&A line was too long..I wasn’t going to make fun of LARPers in the Badassdom because I might get run through with a sword..there is already a summer glau fan out to get me..

  3. Also, Sarah Michelle Gellar was in Scream 2.

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